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These are the accounts of interesting past-life regresson sessions I've conducted over the years.  Since  I didn't  take notes, these are from memory.  But they should be reasonably accurate.  I don't mention names to protect the privacy of the clients.


Back when I was taking a hypnosis course, we students paired off and I was assigned a very nice, blond lady.  Since we were to do past-life regressions, I simply asked her to go back to the life where she achieved her highest spiritual attainment.  After reaching a deep trance, she described a boreal environment and a village made of wood houses.  It seemed everyone was having a good time dancing and having fun and I think she was getting married.  I asked her why this was her highest spiritual attainment and she said it was because everyone loved one another and lived in harmony.  So I asked her to go to her lowest spiritual lifetime, and she said she was a young woman living in a house on a cliff near the ocean.  She was bitter because she wanted to go to school but had to stay home to watch after her two younger siblings.  So she mistreated them.  I then asked her to go to the lifetime that had the most impact on her present spiritual beliefs.  That's when she amazed me.  She said she was a woman living in a small house and was expecting an important visitor.  She was setting up to feed him and some other company.  She described her modest house, as well. So I said go to when he arrives.  She described going to the door, opening it and exclaiming, "It's the Lord!"  I asked, "You mean...?"  She said, "It's Jesus."  She said Jesus came with a couple of rough looking characters who were apparently his followers.  She said Jesus was kind, funny and put a flower in her hair.  I asked who she was and she couldn't remember.  Then I asked if anyone else lived with her and she said she has a brother.  When I asked what his name is, she said, surprised, "Lazarus!"  Then she remembered, "Mary is my name."  I asked her to describe Jesus raising her brother from the dead, but she then said she wasn't allowed to talk about it.  After the session, the lady was convinced it was a  real memory.  I thought it was interesting that she didn't consider her life as the Biblical Mary, who knew Jesus, as her highest spiritual attainment, but rather, a lifetime spent in love and harmony.  So, it wasn't knowing Jesus, it was living the teachings of Jesus that counted more.


A friend asked me to help out one of her friends whose husband, a fundamentalist Christian, had a habit of talking in his sleep... except it wasn't English.  This woman eventually found he was speaking in Cherokee.  He was also reported to have walked in his sleep and  wrote something backwards in Hebrew on the bathroom mirror.  He had recurring dreams of being an Indian, a Hebrew and a stowaway on a sailing ship.  So eventually, his wife convinced him to let me hypnotize him.  He made a reluctant client, but he went under easily.  Not surprisingly, he remembered being a Cherokee Indian, a Hebrew tent maker and being on the sailing ship.  In that last lifetime, he said he and his mother were stowaways in a ship's hold that really stunk.  They were eventually discovered and his mother raped and he killed trying to defend her.  After this man came out of trance, he was dumbfounded.  He said, "It was just so real!"  What I found amazing is that in this lifetime he has no sense of smell, a condition known as Asnomia.  However, he smelled the putrid hold on the ship and said, "I never knew the world stinks!"


The client, a young black man, described himself as wearing a bomber jacket.  That wasn't surprising since he was in a bomber.  Turns out, it was a B-17 and in that past-life, he was fighting the Japanese.  I asked what he was doing on the plane, and he said, "Arming the bombs."  He said the plane took off because the airfield was under attack or soon to be and bombed some ships, but on the way back, they were jumped by Japanese Zeros and his plane was shot up.  He and the other crew members bailed out but the pilot went down with the plane. Upon arriving on the ground, he and five other crew members found each other and made their way back to the base.  It was about five miles of trekking through jungle and swamps.  Upon arriving at the airfield, it was under attack by the Japanese and as he made his way towards a hanger, he said a bomb killed him.

I figured it must have been Pearl Harbor since that seemed to fit the description.  But research indicated that while there was a flight of B-17's arriving at the airfield, none were shot down even though they were engaged by the Japanese.  However, further research found that a couple of days after Pearl Harbor, the Japanese attacked Clark Airbase in the Philippines.  Three B-17's managed to get off before the base was attacked.  One in particular made an attack on the Japanese invasion fleet and hit a heavy cruiser.  On its way back to Clark, it was jumped by Zeros and shot up badly.  One crewman was killed and five others bailed out near the airfield, landing about five miles away.  The pilot, Colin Kelly, Jr., went down with the plane. He was later awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross posthumously.

It looked like my client was on that famous aircraft.  The only problem is, aside from the bombardier, Meyer Levin, everyone of the crew members survived the war.  Levin was lost aboard another B-17 that ran out of gas on a mission and his body was never found.  So while it appears this client was on the plane, why did his story differ from history?  My client stated that he was a black man in that lifetime, too, and was from a farm in Mississippi.  That doesn't match any of the crew member biographies.  So was he a ground crew member who loaded bombs on to the plane and came along on the flight because they were in a hurry and needed the bombs armed?  It's not unusual for someone to ride aboard a plane and not be listed on the log, especially if it's an emergency and there isn't time to list him.


The lovely young woman was in her early 20's.  She told me about past-lives as a wealthy woman in New York City who lost everything in the Great Depression, and as a pioneer woman trying to survive deep in the wilderness.  But her last lifetime was spent, she said, as sort of a nurse, but more like a helper, in a hospital located in a tropical country.  The hospital was located across from a military airfield where she described the hangers as looking like half of a tin can.  (That would be quonset huts.)  And the planes in them, she said, were twin engine propeller driven planes.  She also mentioned that she died in that country due to a car accident.

Judging from her description, she may have been at Cam Ranh Bay Air Base during the Vietnam War.  The hospital was across from the airfield and there were quonset hut style hangers for the the C-7 Caribou's, a twin engine propeller driven transport aircraft.  Aside from nurses, there were also Red Cross workers, known as "Donut Dollies" who helped build morale for the soldiers and airmen.  One of them, Hanna E. Crews, of North Carolina, was killed in October 1969 in a Jeep accident.  Was she Hannah?

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