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Ulysses S. Grant, revered commander of Union forces in the Civil War and America's 18th president, may seem a poor fit as a possible past-life for one of history's most reviled leaders, Adolf Hitler, the fuehrer of Nazi Germany.  Yet, if you examine them, there is a case to be made.  Note, for example, their remarkably similar appearance.  In both men, the right eyebrow is higher than the left towards the nose.

Ulysses Grant                         Adolf Hitler


- Both were animal lovers.  Grant was especially passionate about horses, while Hitler was passionate about dogs.  Hitler did keep a stable of horses he liked to ride. 

- Grant couldn't stand the sight of blood and was so revolted by red meat that he either didn't eat meat or insisted it be blackened by overcooking.  Hitler also referred to meat as eating a corpse and was vegetarian.

- Neither Grant or Hitler could condone hunting.

- Despite that, Grant's frontal assaults resulted in a "meat grinder" war of attrition during the Civil War that expended the lives of thousands of soldiers.  Hitler also insisted on wasting the lives of his troops by useless offensives and refusals to retreat when necessary.

- While both were animal lovers, neither seemed to be able to connect with or have empathy for people.

- Grant was small, slight, and spoke in a soft almost musical voice.  Hitler, too, was small and slight (he was rejected as too small and weak for military service initially) and usually spoke in a soft voice unless he was giving an oration later in life, during which he usually started off soft but built up to a high level of histrionics.

- Both Grant and Hitler felt awkward and shy in social situations. 

- Both Grant and Hitler were called effeminate and had feminine characteristics.

- Hitler wanted to be an artist initially and painted in watercolors.  Grant also liked to paint in watercolors. Neither were very good at rendering human figures, but excelled at landscapes and architectural scenes.  Note the similarity in which human figures are rendered by Grant and Hitler.

Painting by U. S. Grant Painting by U. S. Grant
Grant's Watercolor Paintings

Hitler's Watercolor Paintings

- Both served as soldiers.  During the First World War, Hitler was awarded the Iron Cross First Class for his courage under fire and once took four French soldiers prisoner using only a pistol.  Grant, during the Mexican War, was also noted for his courage.  He once rode on the side of his horse through a hail of enemy fire to get reinforcements when his unit was pinned down.

- Although noted as being interested in art, Hitler as a small child had an utter fascination with military matters.  He studied military history, knew the names of German warships, and imagined himself as a great general.

- Both Grant and Hitler had domineering, rigid and ambitious fathers along with doting mothers.

- Both were kind to subordinates and generally modest in social circles. 

- Before they went to war, both Grant and Hitler were failures in whatever they did to make a living and suffered from poverty.  Hitler entered politics after WWI and Grant after the Civil War.

- Hitler was, of course, virulently antisemitic.  Grant called Jewish merchants an "intolerable nuisance" and had them expelled, under General Order No. 11 from those areas his army controlled in Mississippi, Tennessee and Kentucky.

- Grant had a drinking problem which was used by his enemies to discredit him.  He also died from throat cancer induced by his habitual smoking of cigars.  Hitler detested smoking and was a non-drinker.  It could be that Hitler subconsciously remembered the consequences of his vices in Grant's life.

- Hitler's favorite recreation, aside from watching movies, was reading Wild West novels.  Grant lived in the Wild West and as president oversaw the westward expansion of the nation.  (Some say that Hitler modeled his drive to conquer and settle the east after the American drive to conquer and settle the west.  In fact, he called for the extermination of Russians, calling them Redskins.)

- Both Grant and Hitler ruled over territory conquered in war.  Grant favored the civil rights of blacks and dealt harshly with white southerners who resisted the policies of the Radical Republicans.  Hitler favored settling Germans in occupied land and dealt even more harshly with the native population. 

- Grant as president, and Hitler as Fuehrer, tolerated corruption among their subordinates.

- Grant removed subordinate generals whom he deemed insubordinate, insufficiently loyal, or a rival.  He also lied about them in his memoirs.  Hitler, of course, was ruthless in removing subordinates who were deemed insubordinate or

- Grant lost everything after being swindled by his partner.  Hitler lost everything as a result of losing the war.

- During his world tour, former president Grant visited Berlin, Germany, and became a "crony" of the Iron Chancellor, Otto von Bismarck, whom Grant called one of the three greatest men in Europe.  They had many long conversations together.  Grant also visited Vienna, Austria and deemed it one of the most beautiful cities in the world.  Hitler modeled himself after Bismarck and moved to Vienna from Linz, Austria.

- In the book, "Grant Under Fire", the author documents a scathing assessment of Grant's character and competence.  He comes off as lazy, incompetent, duplicitous, vindictive, dishonest, self-serving and disloyal.  Many of those traits were also common to Hitler.

Needless to say, there are differences between Grant and Hitler, the chief one being that Hitler had mental disorders that distinguished him from Grant.  Still, the similarities seem eerie and suggest a possible past-life connection.

I asked for a sign to confirm this, and a couple of hours later was visiting a web site on hypnosis.  Then I noticed that the organization that owns the web site is situated in Grant's Pass, Oregon.  Coincidence or synchronicity?

The next day I asked again for a sign and was visiting an antique shop later that day when I saw an old book called "Ulysses Forever." Coincidence of synchronicity?

I quit asking for a sign and have not seen any other references to Grant.


If Grant became Hitler, what of Grant's best friend during the Civil War, William Tecumseh Sherman?  In some respects, Sherman would have made a Nazi soldier.  He was the inventor of total war, that is, attacking the civilian population to break their support for the war effort.  So his "march to the sea" across Georgia and into the Carolinas was marked by a swath of destruction as his army destroyed plantations and industries and his soldiers looted homes.  Sherman commented that,

"If the people raise a great howl against my barbarity and cruelty, I will answer that war is war, and not popularity seeking."

When partisans attacked his army during the infamous "March to the Sea", Sherman would tell his men to burn down the nearest town and kill a bunch of men, women and children in retribution.  The Nazis used the same tactic. 

Sherman, like Grant, also was critical of Jews:

"I found so many Jews and speculators here trading in cotton, and secessionists had become so open in refusing anything but gold, that I have felt myself bound to stop it. The gold can have but one use - the purchase of arms and ammunition... Of course, I have respected all permits by yourself or the Secretary of the Treasury, but in these new cases (swarms of Jews), I have stopped it."

After the Civil War, he was in charge of fighting Indians, of whom he said they should all be exterminated, including men, women and children: 

“We must act with vindictive earnestness against the Sioux, even to their extermination, men, women, and children. We must declare Total War.”

"The more Indians we can kill this year the fewer we will need to kill the next, because the more I see of the Indians the more convinced I become that they must either all be killed or be maintained as a species of pauper. Their attempts at civilization is ridiculous."
Rosenberg was the Nazis chief theoretician and one of the earliest supporters of Hitler.  He was originally from a German family in Estonia but escaped to Germany after the Bolshevik's took over.  Trained as an engineer and architect, he became obsessed with race and wrote a book in which he regarded Jews and Slavs as sub-human.  As he wrote about Jews:

"Eternally he operates under the Satanic name and remains always the same, fervently believing in his "mission" and yet forever a barren and condemned parasite."

Sherman and Rosenberg did look similar.

Rosenberg                   Sherman


Napoleon and Mussolini were famous as emperor of France and dictator of Italy respectively.  But Napoleon was born on the island of Corsica which was originally part of the Kingdom of Genoa, Italy, until ceded to France in 1768.  Napoleon, born there a year later in 1769, was a native speaker of Italian and spoke French with an accent.  Mussolini was a great admirer of Napoleon.  They did look similar.





Terrell, born in Philadelphia, achieved fame primarily by singing duets with Marvin Gaye, who was like a brother-figure to her.  Terrell she did have a solo career as well, but when it died out, she enrolled in college, doing two years of pre-med.  Her career was resurrected by Motown Records.  She had abusive relations with men, the most famous of which was with the Temptations singer, David Ruffin.  Their relationship was tempestuous, with many public fights, and it ended when Ruffin struck her in the face with his motorcycle helmet. Terrell died of a brain tumor in 1970 at the age of 24.

Lopes, also born in Philadelphia about a year after Terrell died, was a member of the TLC hip-hop group before going solo.  Her stage name was "Left Eye", which is how she was usually known. She had issues with alcohol and wound up in rehab.  After that, she started a charity and adopted kids.  She told MTV regarding a song dedicated to her deceased father, "That track is dedicated to all those that have loved ones that have passed away. It's saying that there is no such thing as death... We can call it transforming for a lack of better words I don't care what happens or what people think about death, it doesn't matter. We all share the same space." Lopes had a tempestuous relationship with NFL star Andre Rison.  After she said Rison beat her, she set fire to his athletic shoes and the fire spread, burning down Rison's mansion and all his belongings.  Lopes died in 2002 at the age of 31 when a car she was in overturned during a charity mission in Honduras.

Terrell                                 Lopes

Interestingly, Andre Rison (born 1967) has the same general looks as Marvin Gaye (murdered by his own father in 1984), especially in the eyes.

Gaye                            Rison


 Megan Fox was born in Tennessee in 1986.  She's been a model and actress.  But aside from playing in the first two Transformer movies, she has not yet had a very successful career.  She's known for being blunt and outspoken, with an aggressive personality.  Fox also likes boyish activities such as fishing.  She's also known for her tattoos, one of which is of Marilyn Monroe's face.  She said that her earliest memories were of seeing Monroe on television and she always had a lot of sympathy for the dead actress.  Fox has always been a beauty and started training in acting at age five, and modeling at age 13.  Since becoming famous, however, she has had a lot of plastic surgery that has changed her looks.  Among Fox's quirks is a morbid fear of flying.

Eve Meyer was born Eve Turner in 1928 Georgia.  She was noticed by a modeling agency while working as a secretary and was eventually introduced to Russ Meyer, the sexploitation movie maker, whom she married.  While initially resistant to being a sex symbol, she eventually relented under her husband's pressure and became a pin-up girl as well as appearing in her husband's soft-porn pictures.  She even appeared as one of the earliest Playboy centerfolds.  Known for her no nonsense, blunt personality, she dominated even her husband's business associates.  She also had "boyish" interests (poker, fishing and aggressive sex) and considerable smarts, helping produce Meyer's pictures even after they were divorced.  Eve Meyer died in a 1977 plane crash.

If Fox was Meyer, it may explain her resistance to being a sex symbol, her boyish ways and blunt personality, as well as her fear of flying.  Fox didn't like director Michael Bay's dictatorial style on the set of "Transformers" and accused him of being a Hitler.  Fox's sympathy for Monroe may stem from their both being sex symbols during the 50's and early 60's, and neither was appreciated for their considerable intelligence.  Fox was noted to say that it wasn't bad to be type cast as a beautiful woman.  Eve Meyer made a lot of money that way and became famous.  Meanwhile, Fox has undergone considerable plastic surgery to change her already beautiful natural attributes.  Is she subconsciously trying to avoid looking like Meyer?                          

Megan Fox                 Eve Meyer


Joachim Peiper was born in Berlin, Germany, and had two siblings.  During World War II, he is alleged to have refused to join the Nazi party and was said to lack the usual Nazi arrogance or hatred.  Nevertheless, he went from being a scout to joining the Hitler Youth and eventually enlisted in the notorious SS where he became SS commander Heinrich Himmler's personal adjutant and friend.  He then volunteered for combat duty in the Waffen SS where he led the 1st SS Panzer, a division noted for war crimes on the Russian front, and distinguished himself with his skill, charisma and courage.  Still in his 20's, he was the youngest colonel in the SS. 

However, his division conducted the Malmedy massacre of US prisoners of war during the Battle of the Bulge.  There was no evidence that Peiper ordered or condoned the massacre, but as the commander he was tried, convicted and sentenced to hang.  However, in one incident, in Italy he found a group of Jews who had been rounded up for extermination and insisted on releasing them.  A rabbi later testified to his kindness during his trial.  Peiper actually wound up serving about 11 years in prison before he was released.  He then went to work for Porsche automobile company, representing them in trade shows, training salesmen, and exporting Porches to the United States.  A francophile who spoke French fluently, Peiper spent his last years living obscurely in a small French village.  Not obscurely enough, he was murdered by a mob that burned down his house on July 14, 1976.

Considering Peiper's "movie star looks", I wondered if he reincarnated to actually become a movie star.  A search resulted in a possible match, that of actor Mike Vogel.  (Vogel is German for Bird.)  Vogel was born almost three years to the day after Peiper's death, on July 17, 1979.  He is originally from Pennsylvania.  As an actor, he has appeared in such movies as "Cloverfield",  "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and "The Help."   As of 2011, he's in the cast of the TV show "Pan Am."  Like Peiper, he has two siblings and possibly in a throwback to Peiper's working for Porsche, says he "loves all things cars."  Perhaps tellingly, Vogel mentioned to reporters that one of his grandfathers fought in the Battle of the Bulge.  It would be ironic if that grandfather had been killed in the Malmedy massacre.

Vogel and Peiper look remarkably alike, down to the cleft chin.
Mike Vogel                      Joachim Peiper



Though difficult to tell, Peiper's wife, Sigurd, may be similar in looks to Vogel's wife, Courtney.



At age 33, Major General Kurt Meyer was the youngest division commander in the German Army.  A fanatical Nazi, he led the 12th SS Panzer Division.  He was noted as being tall, athletic, with "penetrating" steely blue eyes and a passion for soldiering.  He always led from the front and was noted for his reckless courage, having won the Iron Cross. 

       Meyer and Hitler

Interestingly, Meyer had a passion for motorcycles.  He initially led a motorcycle reconnaissance battalion and even later as a panzer division commander led his tanks into battle while riding one.  In fact, he preferred to go everywhere on a motorcycle and was such a daring rider that he suffered 18 broken bones and four concussions. 

After the war, he was tried for war crimes, including the shooting of Canadian  prisoners, and spent 11 years in a Canadian prison.  Upon release, he got a job with a beer distributor but spent most of his time visiting a Canadian army mess hall.  He died in 1961.

Jesse James, born April 19, 1969 (oddly, almost 80 years to the day from when Hitler was born on April 20, 1889), is famous as a motorcycle customizer who had his own television show, "Monster Garage."  Perhaps also as a throwback to Meyer's hanging out in a mess hall, he owns a restaurant.  Meyer is also famous for having married and then been divorced from actress Sandra Bullock.  

Jesse James seems to have a keen interest in Nazis.  He was photographed giving a Nazi salute (he said it was a joke) and his "West Coast Choppers"
customizing business (which went out of business) used an "Iron Cross" for a logo, as well as a Nazi eagle.  


According to his step-mother, James, who was fascinated by the Nazis growing up and was obsessed with Hitler and the SS, collected Nazi memorabilia.  She said he emulated Nazi doctor Josef Mengele's medical experiments by injecting baby rats with alcohol to kill them.  She also mentioned that he has no empathy for other human beings, a charge that may be reflected in the anger his former employees express towards the way he allegedly treated them. 

One of James' mistresses, Michelle McGee, is famous for dressing up as a Nazi:

Perhaps it's just a coincidence that Sandra Bullock's mother was named Helga Meyer and she emigrated from Nuremberg, Germany.  Helga's father is reported to have been a German rocket scientist.  Bullock spent  her first 12 years in Nuremberg and accompanied her mother, an Opera singer, to Salzburg, Austria.  She's still a German citizen and speaks the language fluently.  In fact, she gave part of her Screen Actors Guild award acceptance speech in German. 

James does look similar to Meyer.

 Kurt “Panzer” Meyer


Jessie James                   Kurt Meyer

Bullock could not have been Kurt Meyer's wife, Kaethe, in a previous life since Kaethe was still alive as of 2005.

Sandra Bullock                                 Kaethe Meyer


Richard Stanley is a film director who in 1966 was born in South Africa.  His mother was an anthropologist, so Richard grew up helping her film and document tribal traditions and witchcraft.  Following his mother's path, Stanley studied anthropology at the University of Cape Town.  He was a resistor during the Angolan Bush War and was forced to relocated to London, England where he joined anti-apartheid groups.  There, he became involved in directing or writing music videos, documentaries and feature horror films.  One of those documentaries, "The Secret Glory", concerned Otto Rahn and his search for the Holy Grail.  He followed that with a book on the subject called "Shadow of the Grail -  Magic and Mystery at Montsegur."  Montsegur, France, was the stronghold of the Cathars and was thought to be where the Grail was hidden.  The subject fascinated him so much he moved to Montsegur where he now lives.

Otto Rahn was a German medievalist and a lieutenant in the SS.    Rahn was fascinated by the legend of the Grail from an early age and while in college became fascinated with the Cathars, a group of gnostic Christians in southern France who were exterminated by the Catholic Church.  He said the subject captivated him, so he spent a lot of time in the Pyrenees where Montsegur is located.  Rahn wrote a couple of books on the subject of his theory that the Cathars held the Holy Grail, and those books came to the attention of Heinrich Himmler, head of the SS.  Himmler put Rahn to work searching for evidence of Aryans and their artifacts at various places around the world.  It's thought that Rahn was the inspiration for Steven Spielberg's "Indiana Jones" pictures.  Rahn was openly homosexual and was eventually made a guard at Dachau concentration camp in 1937 as punishment for a drunken escapade.  He resigned from the SS in 1939 and was found soon thereafter frozen to death on a mountain in Austria.  Suicide was listed as the cause.

There's also a Russian man who says he remembers being Rahn, but his story diverges from the historical account.  He claims Rahn did not die in 1939 but was killed by American soldiers in 1945.

Richard Stanley                                  Otto Rahn


Breivik is the Norwegian who massacred at least 93 people by blowing up a building in Oslo and shooting up a Labor Party youth camp on an island in July 2011.  He was described by police as a Christian fundamentalist who despised Muslims, multi-culturalism and European Marxism.  Breivik hung out on a Swedish neo-Nazi web forum and said he would become the greatest Nazi monster since World War II.  He also authored a 1500 page manifesto outlining his views and plans of action.  Considered a bright student, he protected other students from bullies in school.

Quisling's name is synonymous with traitor.  Called the Norwegian Benedict Arnold, he was a Nazi sympathizer in the Norwegian government whose actions as Defense Minister enabled the Nazi invasion of his country.  The grateful Nazis put him in charge of the country.  Quisling was also a bright student who was bullied because he spoke with a Telemark dialect.  As an adult, he wrote a 2,000 page manifesto outlining a new religion based on quantum physics and metaphysics.  There aren't too many people who have the urge to write 2,000 page papers on their personal ideas, so that both Quisling and Breivik did so seems to me to be an interesting link suggesting  reincarnation.

Quisling was shot by the Norwegians after the war, which suggests that if he did reincarnate as Breivik, he may have acted out of subconscious revenge.  Interestingly, the Labor Pary was Communist during Quisling's time and pacifist during the war.  It went Democratic Socialist in the 1970's.  Breivik set out to punish the modern Labor party for allowing the immigration of Muslims which he saw as helping to create a "Eurarabia."

Anders Breivik                           Vidkun Quisling


Schaeffer was a rising young star in Hollywood who is best known for her role in the TV series "My Sister Sam."  Born in Eugene, Oregon to a child psychologist and a writer, she was murdered by a deranged stalker in 1989 at age 21.  The killer had a copy of "Catcher in the Rye" by J.D. Salinger on him when he shot Schaeffer.  I figured that if she had not completed her goal to be a famous movie star, she might reincarnate quickly into a Hollywood family.

In 1990, Kristen Stewart was born in Los Angeles to parents who are in the movie business.  Her career as an actress took off with her role as "Bella" in the "Twilight" movie franchise.  As her fame has increased, she has become more and more averse to appearing in public, which may be a reflection of her experience as Schaeffer, if that was her previous incarnation.  She told a British magazine that being on a red carpet surrounded by fans makes her want to cry and that she's afraid of being assassinated. Interestingly, she lists J.D. Salinger as one of her favorite authors.

Schaeffer was drawn to Japan (where she modeled) and loved cats.  Stewart is drawn to Australia (where her mother is from) and also loves cats.  Stewart also has three dogs, including two wolf hybrids.  Perhaps that reflects a need for security (or her preference for werewolves over vampires).

Kristen Stewart            Rebecca Schaeffer


It seems that there's a karmic pattern associated with Kristen Stewart in that Rebecca Schaeffer may have been the model, showgirl and actress Evelyn Nesbit who died in January 1967, about 11 months before Schaeffer was born. 

Nesbit was born near Philadelphia, but she and her mother moved to New York City so that teenaged Evelyn could earn more money modeling.  In New York, she met and was seduced by the famed architect and middle aged man, Stanford White, a notorious predator of young teenaged girls.  Sometime later, she met Harry Kendall Thaw, a young, very wealthy psychopath who charmed her into marrying him.  Thaw was intensely jealous of anyone around Evelyn and so when the two of them encountered Stanford White at a rooftop theater in New York, Thaw produced a gun and shot White three times in the face.  Thaw was tried and declared insane.  During the trial, Evelyn Nesbit testified that White had a swing in his bedroom, so she became ever after "The Girl in the Red Velvet Swing."  Her story was made in 1955 as the movie, "The Girl in the Red Velvet Swing", starring Joan Collins.  Nesbit tried various ways of making a living as she faded into obscurity and was finally teaching ceremic sculpturing before her death.

Could Schaeffer have been Nesbit?  Schaeffer was drawn to Japan.  Nesbit posed for the "Geisha Pictures" in which she wore a Japanese Kimono.  But Schaeffer didn't live long enough to establish much of a karmic pattern.  Still, they looked quite similar:

Evelyn Nesbit                   Rebecca Schaeffer


So is it possible that the man who killed Rebecca Schaeffer, a psychopath named Robert John Bardo who stalked her for three years, was Schaeffer's husband in her life as Evelyn Nesbit Thaw?  (Interestingly, Bardo's mother was a Japanese national.)

Harry Kendall Thaw         Robert John Bardo


Short, dubbed the "Black Dahlia" by the press, was the victim of a sensational murder in 1947.  Her body was found in Los Angeles cut in half at the torso and mutilated.  The crime was never solved.  Short was born in Massachusetts but spent the winters in Florida because of pulmonary problems.  Eventually, she moved to California where her father, who went missing in 1930, turned up in Vallejo.  She almost married a decorated Air Force officer but he was killed in a plane crash overseas during the war.  Eventually, she wound up in Los Angeles working as a waitress until her murder. 

The Canadian turned American actress Kidder, born in 1948, is chiefly famous for playing Lois Lane in the original Superman movies opposite Christopher Reeves.  From an early age, she had symptoms of severe bi-polar disorder and later paranoia.  In 1996, she fantasized that her first husband was going to kill her so she left home, faked her death, and changed her appearance.  Living as a homeless person, Police finally found her naked in a Los Angeles garden claiming she had been stalked and attacked.  Eventually, she found a nutritional cure and has been symptom-free ever since.   In 2002, she was in an auto accident that resulted in a broken pelvis.  Kidder is vehemently anti-war and became an American citizen so that she could vote against George W. Bush, which may be a result of losing the man she was going to marry in World War II.

Margot Kidder                  Elizabeth Short


George S. Patton Jr. believed in reincarnation and wrote a poem about his past-lives (it appears in the My Case section).  Patton was an American general during World War II famous for his use of armored forces to outmaneuver and smash the enemy.  He was considered by the Germans to be the best general they faced.  Custer is, of course, famous for the debacle at the battle of Little Big Horn, where his cavalry were wiped out by the Sioux indians.  Most people don't know that he was also a very successful cavalry commander in the Civil War and became the youngest general in that war at age 23.   Trump went to military school, but never served on active duty.  Now, of course, he's commander-in-chief.

The three of them share common traits.  They were vain personalities who acted and dressed flamboyantly.   Custer, as with Trump, was a womanizer.  Custer was fond of practical jokes.  He was almost kicked out of West Point for spending more time carousing than studying.  His academic skill was wanting and he graduated last in his class.  But he was also considered by some to be the best cavalry commander in the Union Army.  Patton, too, went through a womanizing phase and because of dyslexia, barely made it through his academic studies.  Mostly, though, both were famous for audacity, courage, quickness in decision and action, and for lightning thrusts.  They led from the front and were famous for quick  appraisals of the battlefield and acting appropriately.  And they both died violently.  Custer died at the battle of Little Big Horn and Patton was killed in a car accident.  Trump was born the year after Patton died.  He's known for his audacity, bluntness and narcissism.

 Custer Portrait Restored.jpg  
 George Custer           George Patton
 1839 - 1876                1885 - 1945



Sharon Tate, considered by some to be the most beautiful woman in the world at the time, is most famous for having been brutally stabbed to death in 1969 by Charles Manson and his "family."  She was two weeks away from giving birth at the time.  Tate's father was in the army, so she moved around quite a bit and lacked social skills.  She was shy and  aloof.  Her ambition as a child was to study psychiatry.  She almost married a former sailor turned hairdresser, but decided to pursue her acting career instead.  Considered to be a promising newcomer, she married director Roman Polanski.
Also considered one of the world's most beautiful women, Angelina Jolie, born in 1975, is an actress known for her lips, tattoos, third world adoptions, charity work, and having Brad Pitt for a husband.  She seems to have been born with issues related to death and violence.  At age 14 she quit acting school because she wanted to become a funeral director.  During her teens, she suffered from suicidal depression and frequently played with knives.  Sometimes she cut herself because the pain, she said, made her feel alive.  She was also aloof and didn't connect to other people.  At her first wedding, Jolie wore black rubber pants and a white tee shirt on which she had written the groom's name in her own blood.  She divorced him because she said they married too young.  After marrying Billy Bob Thornton, they both carried a vial of each other's blood on necklaces.  

If Tate considered her career cut short, she might have reincarnated quickly as Jolie and into a Hollywood family.  Jolie's father is actor Jon Voight.  She might have carried over the emotional trauma into her next life causing mental disturbances, as apparently did Margot Kidder after being brutally murdered as Elizabeth Short.  Rebecca Schaeffer was shot unexpectedly and probably died without the emotional baggage that Tate and Short experienced from being essentially hacked to death.  Perhaps that's why Kristen Stewart's emotional residue is limited to fear of fame and being assassinated.

Angelina Jolie                                 Sharon Tate


Since writing this, I've been contacted by a woman who believes she  is the reincarnation of Sharon Tate.  She makes a good case.


Booth is famous as the assassin of President Abraham Lincoln.  His father was a famous Shakespearean actor in Great Britain who emigrated to America and settled in Maryland.  As a child, he was an indifferent student.  His favorite activities were riding horses and especially fencing.  He was considered an expert fencer as an adult.  Booth, considered "the handsomest man in America" developed into an acting "genius" and was quite popular, especially with women, earning the equivalent of half a million dollars per year.  He was very pro-Confederacy during the Civil War and assassinating Lincoln was his demonstration of courage (he promised his mother he wouldn't join the army) and revenge for the South's defeat. 

Basil Rathbone was born in South Africa in 1892, but his family moved to England where he was raised.  Like Booth, he didn't care about his school studies, preferring sports and his favorite activity, fencing.  During World War I, he was an intelligence officer who snuck into enemy lines under camouflage to collect information.  Later, he was famous in England as a Shakespearean actor on the stage and then parlayed that into a Hollywood movie and Broadway stage acting career.  He was typecast as a villain in Hollywood swashbucklers and is considered the best fencer in the history of Hollywood.  Later, he became most famous for playing Sherlock Holmes in several movies.  Margaret Mitchell wanted him to play the part of Rhett Butler in the movie "Gone With the Wind", but despite his interest, he lost out to Clark Gable.  

Interestingly, Rathbone had a relative who was a Confederate cavalryman (Basil had his sword), but another relative, Major Henry Rathbone, was in the theater box sitting next to Abraham Lincoln when Booth shot the president.  Rathbone struggled with Booth, who stabbed him.  (Henry Rathbone later murdered his wife and wound up in an insane asylum.)

Booth                                                     Rathbone


Dr. Ayers, a black woman who must have been born in the 1920's, is a Pulitzer prize nominated poet and academic whose children include the actress Phylicia Rashad and the TV producer/director Debbie Allen.  She was born in Chester, South Carolina, where she is now working on renovating the Brainerd Institute, a school that was opened after the Civil War to educate former slaves.  I met Dr. Ayers at the Brainerd Institute where she was giving a talk on the 18th century English mystic, poet and artist, William Blake, a man who was never appreciated during his life and was generally considered insane.  He's now considered one of England's best poets and artists.  Blake believed in racial equality and even wrote a poem in 1789 when slavery was still legal called, "The Little Black Boy."  In it he implied that black people are closer to God than white people because of their suffering.

Dr. Ayers said that when in college, a professor told her that her poetry was exactly like that of William Blake.  She said she refused to read anything about Blake until one day she was walking through the library when a book was lying on its side on the shelf and she found herself involuntarily reaching for it.  Turned out to be a book on Blake.  Since then she has become a Blake devotee, who she says transcends being an old white man.  I asked her if she was an artist like Blake and she said she did try art for a while but gave it up to concentrate on her poetry.  I also asked if she had had a transcendent state of consciousness like Blake apparently had experienced and she said she "never had that problem."  Blake taught himself ancient Greek and some other ancient languages.  Ayers spent 15 years studying ancient Greek and is now studying ancient Mayan.   Blake was a devout Christian as is Ayers.  She has even written a poem, "The Wedding" that incorporates Blakes poetry with her own.  So, is her devotion to Blake an indication she was that man in a past life?  Here's how they look:

William Blake                                     Dr. Ayers


Buckley was born in Washington, DC, and later moved to join the music scene in Los Angeles, California.  He died of a drug overdose in 1975.  He started out doing political protest songs in the folk rock genre that was popular in the mid-60's but gave that up to experiment with several other genres of music.  He was noted for using his "voice as an instrument."

Martel was born in Saskatchewan, Canada and moved to join the music scene in Nashville, Tennessee.  His band, "downhere" (they don't capitalize the initial D) does Christian rock with, as he says, a message to address the tough issues in life.  Martel says he mimics other singers and has a remarkable voice.  He gained internet fame for looking like and sounding amazingly like Freddie Mercury, front man of Queen, who died 13 years after Martel was born in 1978.  If Martel was Buckley, perhaps the troubles he experienced that led to his death as Buckley led to his use of Music to address those problems.

Buckley and Martel have similar eyes, nose and mouth.

Martel                       Buckley


Poitevent was born into a wealthy family in 1837.  His father had built a lumber mill on the Gulf coast of Mississippi and with a fleet of ships traded up and down the Gulf of Mexico.  Junius, known as June,  worked at his father's mill but that was interrupted by the Civil War.  He was either in the Confederate Navy as a Midshipman, or was a Captain in the 3rd Mississippi Infantry Regiment, depending on your source.  After the war, he operated several businesses in Mississippi, Texas and Mexico, and piloted his own ships.  He retired to an Italiante mansion on the Gulf and died in 1919.

There isn't much to connect Poitevent with Christopher Reeve, other than their looks, so this match is even more conjectural than most.  Reeve was a New Englander born in a wealthy family in 1952.  He went into acting, of course, being best remembered for his role as Superman, but was also active in various physical sports.  He was an accomplished pilot who also built his own boat, learning to sail.  It was a fall during one of his horse jumping competitions that left him paralyzed, leading to his death a few years later in 2004.  He was a noted philanthropist and author, as well.

Note the similarities in hair, eyes, nose, and cleft chin.

Reeve                                             Poitevent


Bouhler was born in Munich, Germany, and became a general in the Nazi SS as well as the Chief of Hitler's Chancellery.  During World War One, he was enlisted man who was severely wounded. After the war he studied philosophy for a few semesters and joined the Nazi party in 1922, becoming deputy manager and a reporter for the Nazi newspaper.  He was later a Nazi member of the Reichstag (parliament) from Westphalia.  Eventually, as Hitler's private secretary, he became responsible for Hitler's correspondence and for determining which books were suitable for publishing in Germany.  Most infamously, he set up the euthanasia program that killed any child or adult who was not deemed fit to live.  He and his wife committed suicide in 1945.

Baron zu Guttenberg was also born in Munich in 1971.  His aristocratic family, with roots back to 12th century kings, is quite wealthy, but he still served as an enlisted man in the army.  His great uncle was in on the plot to assassinate Hitler and was tortured and murdered.  He studied law and political science, eventually becoming a reporter for a newspaper, "Die Welt."  Then he entered politics and became extremely popular, being called a "rock star", who drew huge crowds.  The baron became Minister for Economics and later Defense Minister in the government of Angela Merkel.  He was forced to resign from the latter position when it was discovered he had plagerized his doctoral thesis.  His wife, a countess, is a member of the Bismarck family (she's the great-great granddaughter of the Iron Chancellor) and has made preventing child abuse her cause.

Bouhler                             Guttenberg


Brooks, probably most famous for her bobbed hairdo, was born in Kansas to a neglectful father who was a lawyer and an artistic and musical mother. Brooks was quite intelligent, and her mother instilled in her a love for books and music. Perhaps because of that, in later life she started a new career as a witty and insightful writer. During her youth she studied dancing and made it to New York where she was noticed as a member of the Ziegfield Follies. That led to a contract to appear in silent movies.  She eventually became a rich celebrity. However, she decided Hollywood was disgusting, saying she hated to make movies because she hated Hollywood, so she turned down a lucrative offer and went to Europe where she appeared in her most famous role as Lulu in the movie Pandora's Box. Returning to Hollywood, she refused to dub in her dialogue for a silent movie that was being remade for sound. That led to her being blacklisted in the industry. Despite her challenging the studio system and being difficult to work with (her Pandora's Box co-star hated her), she was offered a role in an important movie but passed it up because she had fallen for George Preston Marshall, founder of what would become the Washington Redskins,
and wanted to be with him instead. Brooks was a heavy drinker and party girl who
had affairs with lesbian and bisexual women despite being married twice and having had numerous male lovers. She was a spendthrift who was also very kind and generous.  Some consider Brooks to be the greatest American actress of all time, but she died alone and obscure, possibly from emphysema brought on by smoking, in 1985.

Lohan was born in 1986, about 16 months after Brooks died. Similar to Brooks, her father was a Wall Street trader and her mother a singer/dancer. She is quite intelligent and was a straight-A student who did especially well in math and science. Among her interests is writing. Lohan started out as a child model which led to roles on television and then in the movies where she displayed considerable acting talent.  Aside from acting, she also dances and is a very successful singer with a platinum album. Like Brooks, Lohan is an alcoholic and drug using party girl who has alienated the Hollywood movie industry by her antics.  And like Brooks, she has had numerous lovers, including a lesbian affair. She's also a spendthrift who loves to shop.  Despite having asthma since she was a child, Lohan's a smoker.

The two have similar facial structure and eyes.  The main difference is the eyebrows.

Lohan                                      Brooks



Hayes became the 19th President of the United States (1877-1881) after the most contentious election in US history.  His opponent won the popular vote and it took a special congressional commission to award Hayes enough electoral college votes to get him over the top by just one vote.  Hayes, a lawyer, also served in various political offices such as US congressman and governor of Ohio.  He was also a major general in the Civil War, wounded five times and decorated for bravery.  Interestingly, he joined the 23rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry under General William Rosecrans (see the My Case section) whose other members included future president William McKinley.  Hayes and his unit fought under Rosecrans in the battle of Carnifax Ferry in now what is West Virginia.  Hayes initially attended school in Delaware, Ohio, (north of Columbus) where he was born, and then went to a private Ohio academy before transfering to an academy in Middletown, Connecticut, about half-way between Hartford and  New Haven.  Hayes' grandfather, also named Rutherford, had emigrated to Hartford from Scotland.  Hayes then went to Kenyon College in Ohio before going to Harvard to get his law degree.  He eventually settled in Cincinnati where he joined that city's literary club.  Hayes died in 1893.  

Blossom was born in 1924 to a Yale University athletic director in New Haven, Connecticut, but his family soon moved to Cleveland, Ohio, which is where he was raised.  Like Hayes, he started out in Ohio public schools before going to a private academy in Ohio and then transferring to another private academy in Asheville, North Carolina.  And like Hayes, he enrolled at Harvard but only lasted a year before joining the army in World War II.  Blossom initially intended to be a therapist (perhaps reflecting his numerous wounds in his previous life) but turned to acting.  He was a noted character actor, perhaps best known for playing "Old Man Marley" in the movie "Home Alone."  He retired in the late 90's and took up writing poetry before dying in July 2011.

         Hayes                                       Blossom


Academy Award winning actor Kevin Spacey, born in 1959, is also a director, producer, singer and comedian.  His youth was characterized by juvenile deliquency, which got him sent to and kicked out of a military school, until he found acting.  He says he prefers the stage to movies, and is currently artistic director for the Old Vic Theater in London.  He plans to obtain British citizenship.  Spacey, known for his leftist politics, apparently approves of dictators since he visited Venezuela's Hugo Chavez and that country's fledgling movie industry.  He's also a close friend of former president Bill Clinton (see the Obama Circle page).

Von Arent, who died in 1956, was a member of the Nazi party and the SS.  He was in charge of Germany's art, movies and theater.  He helped found the "Union of National Socialist Stage and Movie Artists" and even acted in films.  He was also in charge of the Reich's stage sets and fashions.  In fact, he designed the uniforms of the German diplomatic corps.

Spacey                             Von Arent


Thornton, actually born in Ireland, was from New Hampshire.  He was a physician by trade, but increasingly became involved in politics, including being elected to the state legislature and serving as a justice on the state supreme court (though he had no law degree).  Eventually, he joined the Continental Congress, but was too late to sign the Declaration of Independence in July 1776.  However, he was allowed to sign it a couple of months later.  Thornton gave up his medical practice to write political essays and operate a farm and ferry.

Dean was also a physician who served in the Vermont legislature until being elected governor of the state.  (In colonial days, Vermont was disputed territory between New Hampshire and New York.)  He also served as chairman of the Democratic National Committee after an unsuccessful run for president in 2004.  He was known for being socially liberal and fiscally conservative in Vermont.

Thornton                                 Dean


Heydrich, known as "The Hangman" because of his ruthless suppression of the Czechs, was born in Halle, eastern Germany, in 1904.  He became head of Nazi counter-intelligence and eventually head of all other Nazi police forces, including the Gestapo.  He grew up in a highly patriotic and musical family, so he played the violin quite well.  But also excelled at sports, especially fencing and swimming.  Heydrich joined the German navy as an ensign but was booted out of that service after a woman he decided not to marry complained about him to her father, an admiral.  In any case, he was a noted womanizer.  Although raised a Catholic, rumors that he may have had Jewish ancestors, which caused him social embarrassment, may have fueled his anti-semitism even before he joined the Nazi party.  After he joined the Nazi party, he set up a private network of spies that dug up dirt on other party members, which he used to advance his career.  Hitler deemed him a "highly gifted" but a "very dangerous man" whom he wanted to retain and promote.  He eventually became "Reich Protector of Bohemia and Moravia" where he used a combination carrot and stick to control the population.  Heydrich was suspicious of German Intelligence (Abwehr) chief Canaris, who was actually working for the British, and to protect Canaris, the British trained two Czechs to assassinate Heydrich.  They succeeded in 1941 and Heydrich died after a painful lingering in 1942.

Putin, president, then prime minister of Russia, was born 10 years later in 1952 to a father serving in the navy's submarine fleet.  His grandfather was a cook for both Lenin and Stalin.  While his father was an arch-communist and atheist, his mother baptized him into the Orthodox Church.  Putin was, like Heydrich, an intelligent student who excelled at sports, especially Judo.  Although not known for his music ability, he did appear on stage to play the piano and sing the old Fats Domiono hit, "Blueberry Hill."  After getting a law degree, he went to work for the KGB, serving, like Heydrich, in counter-intelligence.  He and his family were stationed in East Germany and they became so fluent in German that they spoke the language at home.  Returning to the Soviet Union, he monitored a university for malcontents and possible recruits.  Putin has also been accused of beating his wife and having multiple affairs. 

Putin                                           Heydrich



Ross, a Broadway actor born in Brooklyn to a tradesman, was considered an up and coming star in Hollywood as he transitioned from teenaged to young adult roles and from stage to movies.  However, he was a closet homosexual who married a woman for cover.  She shot herself to death.  Warner Brothers decided that trying to keep his homosexuality quiet was not worth the trouble, so his career went rapidly downhill and he sunk into depression and debt.  Ross shot himself to death in 1937 using the same gun as his wife had used.   

Sal Mineo was born in the Bronx in 1939 to a tradesman, and started acting on stage at an early age.  He broke into Hollywood and his  roles in "Rebel Without a Cause" and "Exodus" brought him fame.  A rising star and a teen idol, Mineo even went into singing.  However, he had difficulty transitioning to more mature roles and saw his career steadily sink into obscurity.  Like Ross, Mineo was gay and came out of the closet in the 60's, which didn't help his career.  In 1976, Mineo was stabbed to death outside his home by a common thief.

Ross                                     Mineo




Ince was once one of Hollywood's top directors and producers, responsible for over 150 pictures,  mostly westerns and Civil War movies.  He was a pioneer of the studio system, founding Inceville, the first studio, as well as the "assembly line" method of making movies.  He introduced the shooting script, shooting schedule, cost control plan and other innovations.  He was also the first to hire a separate screenwriter, director and producer, jobs formerly done by the same person. Ince is considered the father of the Western.  He  met his demise aboard the yacht of William Randolph Hearst, the newspaper mogul, in 1924.  Allegedly dying of indigestion or a heart attack, others claimed he was shot to death over a love triangle.  (See the movie "The Cat's Meow" from 2002 in which Cary Elwes plays Ince.)

Steven Spielberg, born in 1946, is one of Hollywood's best known directors and producers, having directed or produced numerous blockbusters, including adventure movies, many of which were set in World War II.  He was drawn to being a movie director as a child.  Interestingly, Spielberg owns one of the largest private gun collections in the US and is a crack shot at skeet shooting. 

Ince married Nell Kershaw.  Spielberg married Kate Capshaw.

Spielberg looks like Ince, especially in the eyes.

 Ince                                    Spielberg


Carol Wayne was best known for over 100 appearances on the "Tonight Show" with Johnny Carson as the "Matinee Lady."  She also appeared in numerous television shows and movies.  Wayne started out in show business as a skater in "The Ice Capades" until she injured her knee.  She then became a topless showgirl for the "Folies Bregere" in Las Vegas before going to Hollywood to become an actress.  Although she was quite intelligent, her on screen persona was that of the ditzy, empty-headed blonde in comedies.  Her interests included gardening, growing bonsai trees, yoga, spirituality and photography.  She eventually became dependent on drugs and alcohol.  During a vacation in Mexico, she disappeared one night and her body was found three days later by a fisherman floating in the ocean.  It was ruled an accidental death even though she was said to be terrified of water and couldn't swim.  She was 39 when she died in 1985.

Sara Paxton is an actress, singer and model, born in 1988.  She wanted to be a performer since she was a little child and would even dress up in costumes to go to school.   She has appeared in numerous movies and television shows, especially comedies.  She cites zany blonde comediennes, such as Goldie Hawn and Reese Witherspoon, as her inspirations.  She also loves classic rock, and from an early age, the Rolling Stones.  Paxton's mother was born in Mexico and Sara speaks Spanish fluentlyHer interests include history and playing video games.  

Paxton and Wayne do look similar, especially with a distinctive chin.

Wayne                            Paxton


Nagel was born in Boston to religious parents who enrolled her in a Catholic school and wanted her to become a nun.  Instead, Nagel started modeling and joined a theater club.  Her mother divorced and married a man whose technicolor skills brought him to Hollywood where he featured his step-daughter in some short films.  She was noticed and appeared as a dancer in several films before becoming an actress who appeared in over 70 low budget B films, mostly mysteries and horror movies, made by minor studios.  She  married Ross Alexander and then an Army Air Force officer whom she divorced.  She died of liver cancer in 1966 at age 50.

Sheryl Lee, born in 1967 in Ausburg, Germany, was raised in Boulder, Colorado.  She wanted to be a dancer until she injured a leg.  After going to several acting schools, she moved to Seattle and appeared in stage plays where she was  noticed by David Lynch who starred her in the cult TV series "Twin Peaks."  Lee also has appeared in some independent movies and assorted television programs.  She is an activist for animals, the environment and breast cancer.

Nagel and Lee look remarkably alike.  Notice the chin.

Nagel                                    Lee



Elvis was born to a poor family in Mississippi. His mother was 21 and his father 18. A shy, lonely kid, he was especially close to his religious mother, which is probably why Elvis was a born again Christian who loved gospel music. Young Elvis was heard to sing in church one day and was encouraged to enter a singing contest in which he placed fifth. After getting a guitar for a present from his mother, he taught himself to play it. The family lived in poorer African-American neighborhoods or housing projects, and Elvis was fond of not only gospel music, but also R&B by black artists. In fact, when he was first heard on the radio, most listeners assumed he was black and most of his early songs were either country, gospel or R&B. When the family moved to Memphis, Elvis attained some local notoriety for his hair, which he syled with rose oil and vasoline. Eventually, Elvis became a sensational performer and then transitioned into movies. Some say his career was ruined by the tight control of Tom Parker, his manager. Elvis died in 1977.

In 1994, Bieber was born in Ontario to a poor, single, devout Christian, 18 year old mother. Like Elvis, he lived in low income housing, entered a singing contest (came in second), and taught himself to play various musical instruments. And like Elvis, Bieber is a devout Christian and his music has been described as soulful R&B. He's famous for his hair and for dressing and talking like black rap artists. Bieber, like Elvis, is an international sensation with numerous hits and is getting into movies.

The two look similar.

Presley                           Bieber

I received an email from Chris who wrote:

Hi there. Just looking at your site and noticed that you suggest that Justin Bieber could be the reincarnation of Elvis.
Just wanted to let you that when Justin Bieber's mother was pregnant, she always referred to the unborn child as Jesse. That's not hearsay, I actually heard her say that in an interview.
Of course that was Elvis's stillborn twin brothers name.
I found it interesting that a mother of a modern pop phenomena would spontaneously talk to her child in utero and call him Jesse.
Perhaps Jesse wanted to manifest and experience everything Elvis did in his life. I just hope he doesn't have such a crooked manager as Col Tom Parker was with Elvis.


Grant Withers was a very tall, rugged actor who could also play sensitive parts.  He appeared in over 200 pictures, mostly as a character actor.  His friendship with director John Ford and actor John Wayne helped propel his career.  He was married five times (including an elopement with 17 year-old Loretta Young), unhappily, and finally killed himself in 1959.

John Krasinski, born in 1979, is also a very tall actor famous chiefly for appearing on the TV show "The Office" as well as acting in various pictures.  He married Emily Blunt.  Although his family members are mostly in medicine, John took up playwriting and acting.  There isn't enough personal history to tie the two together well, but they do look quite similar.

Withers                             Krasinski



Darnell was once one of Hollywood's most prominent stars.  She was born to parents whose domestic strife caused Darnell to become withdrawn.  However, her mother was determined to turn her daughter into a star, and so young Darnell was shoved into modeling at age 11 and into acting by age 13.  She was noticed by a Hollywood scout and invited to try for a screentest.  However, she, at 15, was too young.  Undeterred, she eventually got a contract and was featured in several films, becoming a star and a leading lady at the age of 15, even though the studio listed her as being 19 years old.  She was cast oppposite Tyrone Powers in several adventure studios and was considered in 1944 to be one of the most beautiful actresses in the movies.  An unstable personal life and alcoholism led the studio to lose interest in her.  She died in a house fire in 1965 at age 42.

Lords, born in 1968, was the victim of an abusive father and a broken home.  Her mother fled from her husband in Ohio to the Los Angeles area where she acquired a boyfriend who was a cocaine dealer.  That boyfriend molested young Lords and after he broke up with the mother, Lords moved in with him.  The boyfriend then posed as her step-father and got her into the porn industry even though she was only 15.  Like Darnell, she passed as 20 and appeared in over 100 porn pictures before the age of 18.  After her age was discovered she was arrested, although not charged.  She then moved into conventional movies, becoming a serious actress, and wrote a book about her experiences.

Darnell                                   Lords




Wood was born to Russian emigrant parents in San Francisco and spoke Russian as a child.  As a small child, she was noticed by a producer and invited to go for a screen test.  Her ambitious mother than moved the family to Los Angeles where she became a child actress.  Eventually, Wood became an Academy Award nominated actress who starred in such films as "Rebel Without a Cause" and "West Side Story."  Married twice to actor Robert Wagner, she accidentally drowned in 1981.

Kunis was born in Ukraine in 1983.  In 1991, her family emigrated to Los Angeles where Kunis became a child actress, despite the difficulty of learning English.  After several minor TV roles, she landed a part in "That 70's Show" even though she was only 14.  Since then she's gone on to star in several movies, such as "Black Swan" and "Friends With Benefits" and has been nominated for Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild best supporting actress. 

Wood                                  Kunis



Spencer was one of the most prominent philosophers of the 19th century, a polymath in variety of disciplines, including sociology, biology, anthropology and evolution.  He coined the term "survival of the fittest.."  He is probably best known as a proponent of classical liberalism, that is, libertarianism.  He died in 1903.

Hannan, born in 1971, is a hero of sorts to American conservatives.  He's been a member of the European Parliament from the United Kingdom since 1999 and is known for his opposition to European integration.  He's a classical liberal journalist, author and politician.


Elsie, born in 1886, was a star in London's Edwardian era musical theater.  Born to a poor and probably unwed mother as Elsie Hodder, her name was changed to Elsie Cotton when her mother married. Her voice and good looks enabled her to become a child performer in various places in England, but eventually she wound up in London where she was one of the chorus girls.  In 1901, she changed her name to Lily Elsie and in 1907 reluctantly agreed to star in the first performance of Franz Lehar's "Merry Widow."  The performance made her a sensation because of her stunning beauty and voice, and eventually wealthy.  She later married a millionaire's son but the marriage didn't last.  Terribly shy, she got out of theater as soon as she could.  She died after having mental issues in 1962.

Weisz, born in a London suburb in 1970, started modeling at age 14.  She's been in many films as well as stage plays.  She says she is happiest doing theater.  Weisz is also not fond of being a celebrity and avoids being the center of attention.

There have been many references on the internet as to how much Elsie and Weisz resemble each other. Strangely, as I was researching this, I received an email with a link to a video of a woman singing a tune from "The Merry Widow."  I also saw three references to people with a last name of Cotton.  Synchronicity?

Rachel Weisz and Lily Elsie


Davy Crockett, born in 1786 in east Tennessee, is famous from the Disney TV series of the 1950's where he was depicted as "the King of the Wild Frontier" and, of course, as the last defender of the Alamo.  In reality, Crockett was a frontiersman, a Congressman and one of the Alamo's defenders who died in 1836 some time during the  90 minute battle when the Mexicans overran the makeshift fort.

Phil Collins, born in the United Kingdom in 1951, is famous as a singer, musician and record producer. He was the drummer for the rock group Genesis and later became a successful solo act. Interestingly, Collins has been fascinated by the battle of the Alamo since he was a child.  He obtained a large collection of artifacts from the battle (which he donated to the state of Texas in 2014), narrated a light and sound show for the Alamo, gave various talks, and even wrote a book about it.  Collins moved to Miami, Florida in 2015.

Crockett   Collins


Fegelein, known primarily because of Hitler's rant in the movie, "Downfall", actually died in 1945 after he escaped from Hitler's bunker (along with Eva Braun's jewelry) only to be captured and shot, whereas Trump was born in 1946.  Fegelein was known as an opportunist and playboy.  He ingratiated himself with SS chief Heinrich Himmler and as a result was posted to the Hitler inner circle. There he managed to marry Eva Braun's sister, although he cheated on her.  The other women in Hitler's entourage thought Fegelein was charming, funny and outspoken. As he said, the only things that mattered to him were advancing his career and having fun.  So Fegelein was into self-promotion.  He did make it to be an SS general.  In these respects he seems like Trump and they certainly look alike.  Trump, now President, is known for womanizing, self-promotion and being outspoken.  One difference is that Fegelein was associated with horses his entire career, ranging from running the SS rider school to leading a cavalry regiment on the Eastern front.

Trump                                   Fegelein


I was struck by the eyes of Cruz and Paine, and thought they might be from the same soul.  
Paine was considered the "pen of the Revolution" and his "Common Sense" probably did more to convince Americans to support independence than anything else.  A writer, political theoretician and activist who could argue his case superbly, Paine was actually born in Great Britain. Cruz, like Paine, was born abroad, in this case Canada.  He is known for his libertarian principles, similar to those of Paine, and is also considered a superb debater and a principled politician. Paine was a deist, while Cruz, born into a Catholic family that became Baptist, is a more conventional Christian.

Cruz                               Paine

Chris Christie, a lawyer, is, as of 2011, the governor of New Jersey, where he was born, and a conservative Republican.  He graduated from the University of Delaware.  He's noted for being blunt, outspoken and taking on public employee unions, especially that of the teachers.  One of his highest priorities is to improve New Jersey's schools.  Christie is also noted for his rotund physique.

Gunning Bedford Jr., a lawyer, was an attorney general, assemblyman and eventually federal judge who was a resident of Delaware and a graduate of the College of New Jersey (Princeton) .  He represented Delaware in the Constitutional convention and signed the document.  He was famous as the champion of small states and wanted restraints on the power of the federal government, especially the executive branch. Believing the establishment of schools is a top priority, he worked for the improvement of education while in Wilmington.  

A colleague at the Constitutional convention described Bedford Jr. as a "bold" speaker, with "a very commanding and striking manner;" but "warm and impetuous in his temper and precipitate in his judgment."  He also called him "very corpulent".

Christie and Bedford Jr. had similar looks:

Chris Christie                              Gunning Bedford Jr.

Former Republican congressman from Texas, Dr. Ron Paul, is a libertarian who is famous for his unique views, especially very strict adherence to the Constitution.  His views, especially on foreign policy, tend to aggravate members of his own party.  He started out as a physician before entering politics and still practices medicine on the side.  Originally from Pennsylvania, he was a flight surgeon in the US Air Force on active duty and later in the reserves.

Elbridge Gerry went to Harvard to study medicine before entering politics.  He was known at the Constitutional convention for disagreeing with any views other than his own and aggravating the members.  He refused to sign the document because it didn't have a Bill of Rights and he deemed it to be undemocratic, giving the executive too much power over the
 legislative branch and creating a possibly oppressive judiciary.




Dr. David Ramsay was born in Pennsylvania and after becoming a physician, moved to Charleston, South Carolina.  Upon the outbreak of the American Revolution, he served as a surgeon for the South Carolina militia.  He also had an interest in politics and served in the Continental Congress and the South Carolina senate, of which he was a long serving president.

Ramsay is chiefly famous for his work as a major historian of the revolution and as an author, writing a biography of Washington, a history of South Carolina and a memoir about his wife. 

He was initially noted for encouraging active citizenship to create government and social reforms and improvements, but later warned against overzealous citizens and the need to preserve the status quo.

He was married three times, the last wife being the sister of Lt. Col. John Laurens.

Former congressman from Georgia Newt Gingrich eventually became Speaker of the House.  Like Ramsay, he is a historian, and was employed as a professor.  He is also the author of 23 books, some historical fiction and some others policy prescriptions.  In2 011, he was a candidate for the Republican nomination to run for president, but failed.  Like Ramsay, he was born in Pennsylvania's Dauphin County, next door to Lancaster County where Ramsay was born.  And like Ramsay, he went south, winding up in Georgia because his step-father was in the military.

Eerily reminiscent of Ramsay, Gingrich encouraged citizen activism back when he was Speaker and sought to reform if not revolutionize the government in conservative fashion.  As candidate in 2011, he shocked some conservatives by calling for maintaining the status quo because reforms would be too radical.  He went from being a fan of the citizen activist Tea Party to calling them the "militant wing" of the Republican party.

Gingrich has been married three times.

Newt Gingrich                  Dr. David Ramsay

Though born to a wealthy family in Michigan (his father was CEO of American Motors and governor of the state), Mitt Romney was a governor of Massachusetts.  He has a J.D. and an M.B.A. from Harvard, and was CEO of an investment and a management company.  A Mormon, he spent his missionary days in France.  Romney ran for President in 2012, losing to Barack Obama.  He's now running for Senator from Utah.

John Hancock was also governor of Massachusetts and a wealthy businessman who lived ostentatiously.  Like Romney, he graduated from Harvard.  In 1789, he made himself available to run for president.

Mitt Romney             John Hancock

Rick Perry was the generally conservative governor of Texas and is now the Secretary of the Energy Department.  The son of ranchers and a graduate of Texas A&M University where he was in the Corps of Cadets, he then became a pilot in the Air Force before quitting and returning to Texas to become a cotton farmer.  Entering politics, he first was elected to the Texas House of Representatives before going on to become agricultural commissioner, lieutenant governor and then governor.

Sam Houston was famous as a Major General in the Texas war for independence before serving twice as the president of the Texas Republic, then US senator for Texas after it was annexed by the United States, and then as governor of the state.  Originally born in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley, his family moved to eastern Tennessee.  Houston was adopted by the Cherokee tribe and learned their language.  He tried farming but was not successful.  Houston also fought in the American Revolution and the War of 1812 before becoming a congressman from Tennessee and then governor of that state.  As an officer in the state militia, he fought indians and was severely wounded.  He became close friends with his commanding officer, Andrew Jackson, and was a Democrat opposed to the creation of a central bank (the Federal Reserve we have today). As governor of Texas, he resigned rather than endorse succession from the Union at the start of the Civil War.

Interestingly, in his speech announcing the suspension of his 2012 presidential race, Perry cited his favorite governor, Sam Houston.  He tried again in 2016 but failed.

Rick Perry                                  Sam Houston



Kristol was born in New York City's Manhatten Island. He attended an academy there and eventually graduated from Harvard in three years with his A.B., magna cum laude.  He followed that up with a PhD from Harvard in government.  After teaching political philosophy at Pennsylvania University and the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard, Kristol went to work for politicians, initially working for Democrat Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, then serving as chief of staff to Republican Vice President Quayle.  He has also headed or served on the board of assorted think tanks.  Kristol is a neo-conservative and is quite hawkish in his foreign policy, supporting the invasion of Iraq, the 2006 war in Lebanon and lately, US intervention in Libya.  

Hamilton was born in the Caribbean and as a 'bastard' child made his way to the American colonies.  He spent most of his life in New York City.  A self-taught genius, he eventually became an aide to General Washington, but clamored for a field assignment.  Eventually, Washington put him in charge of some brigades of infantry which he valiantly led at Yorktown.  After the war, Hamilton was at the Constitutional Convention and afterwards wrote most of the Federalist Papers that helped in its ratification.  As president, Washington appointed him Secretary of the Treasury and in that position, Hamilton was instrumental in financially stabilizing the United States through the federal assumption of state debts and creating a central bank.  As a Federalist, Hamilton believed in a strong central government, stimulating the growth of industry, and close ties to Great Britain.  Hamilton, even as Treasury Secretary, yearned for military glory, and tried unsuccessfully to gain command of the troops who put down the Whiskey Rebellion.  A foreign policy hawk, he also clamored for war with France and fancied himself the commanding officer of America's forces.  Hamilton was eventually killed in a duel with Aaron Burr on July 12, 1804.  Perhaps more than anybody, Hamilton is responsible for the United States as we know it today.  

William Kristol                Alexander Hamilton



Clay is considered one of the top five best senators in U.S. history. He was from Lexington, Kentucky, and served five terms in the House of Representatives, including 10 years as Speaker of the House, before becoming a senator.  He ran for president three times but always lost.  He was the founder of the Whig party and was known as "the Great Compromiser" for his ability to hold the country together through such measures as the Missouri Compromise.  Clay was an excellent orator, quick witted, a charmer, and very sentimental, easily moved to tears.  He was also a hard drinker and loved to party night after night.  Most of all, he was the consumate politician, beloved by many.  Abraham Lincoln called him his "beau ideal of a great man."

Boehner is currently Speaker of the House and is known as a compromiser who is sentimental enough to be moved to frequent tears.  He's also noted as a hard drinker (used to work as a bar tender) and party animal with a quick wit and ability to charm.  Boehner was born just north of Cincinnati, Ohio, 93 miles from where Clay lived in Kentucky.

Clay and Boehner have a similar look, especially in the mouth and chin.


CLAY                                 BOEHNER


Denver, whom the city in Colorado is named after, was born in Winchester, Virginia, but his family moved to Ohio when he was young.  There he obtained his law degree and then moved to Missouri.  When the war with Mexico broke out, he volunteered and served as a captain under Winfield Scott.  After the war he settled in California where he was state attorney general before being elected to the state senate and then as a representative in the US House.  In 1857, he was appointed governor of the Kansas Territory.  (When Denver was founded in 1858, the city was named after the governor.)  During the Civil War, he was commissioned a brigadier general and served under Sherman at the seige of Corinth before being appointed in charge of all Federal troops in Kansas.  After the war he practiced law in Washington DC and back in Ohio.

Denver was also a noted actor, appearing in productions of Shakespeare's plays.

The late Fred Thompson (deceased in 2015) was born in Alabama but moved to Tennessee at an early age.  He obtained his law degree there.  Thompson worked as a US attorney before going to Washington to become a counsel for the Senate Watergate Committee.  After working as a lobbyist, he was elected as a Senator from Tennessee and eventually ran for president in 2008.

Thompson became an actor in 1985, and appeared in many movies and television shows.




Cain graduated with a degree in mathematics and then obtained a masters in computer science.  He worked for the US Navy developing fire control systems and working ballistics before starting a career in business.  He was so successful in the restaurant business, that he eventually became CEO of Godfather's Pizza before becoming president of the National Restaurant Association.  Cain also authored several books on leadership and has a radio show where he offers his opinions on political matters.  Cain eventually dropped out of the race to be the Republican nominee for president after repeated charges of marital infidelity were made by assorted women who claimed affairs with him.

Franklin is, of course, one of the most famous and celebrated Americans ever.  He started out as a printer's assistant before starting his own businesses and became a successful entrepeneur.  Then he went into civic improvement, starting libraries, fire departments and civic sanitation.  After that, he became interested in inventing and science, coming up with the lightning rod and the Franklin stove.  Then Franklin went into politics and became an American representative in England and later in France where he was celebrated.  He is also noted for his aphorisms on self-improvement that appeared in Poor Richard's Almanac and for the political opinions he offered in the newspapers he ran.  Franklin was known for his many dalliances with women even though he was married.

Note how similar the shapes of their ears are and their eyes.


CAIN                                     FRANKLIN


On Valentine's Day, 2018, a mentally ill student named Nikolas Cruz, entered the high school in Parkland, Florida and going to the Freshman building, Number 12, opened fire, killing 17 students and faculty.  In the wake of that tragedy, another student, David Hogg, a senior, quickly became the  face of an anti-gun crusade due, in part, to his rapidly founded organization, Never Again.  Hogg is the son of a former FBI agent.  He's been on numerous news outlets and spoke at the "March for Our Lives" rally in Washington, DC, just a few days after the school massacre.  
Because Hogg is apparently still a minor (one report says he is 18, but in any case, he turns 18 some time this year), and was in the school when the shooting occurred, some have insisted he be immune from personal criticism or criticizing his anti-gun views.  Certainly, he must have been traumatized to some degree by the tragic event, and for that he deserves sympathy, but having inserted himself into the limelight, he can't escape the consequences of his public views.

Hogg reminds me a great deal of Joseph Goebbels, the propaganda minister for the Nazi Third Reich who died in 1945.  Aside from his rhetorical style, which includes really vile insults and profanity, Hogg, who was born in 2000, resembles Goebbels, especially in the eyes, chin, jaw line, lips, hair and ears.  His nose, shape of skull and slope of the forehead are different. However, he seems to have many of the same expressions and gestures.  Hogg also seems unusually adept at dispensing propaganda and has been accused of being a publicity hound.  Hogg is a journalism student and how he found himself in front of news cameras almost immediately after the event is open to question.  Interestingly, in the aftermath, he even came up with an arm band that some observers say reminds them of the Nazi arm band.

  GOEBBELS                             HOGG







Hogg's arm band     Hogg's unfortunate gesture

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