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The candidates I've identified as possible past-lives of current politicians are purely a matter of conjecture and are based on similar appearances and some corresponding biographical or personality traits.   


Souls sometimes reincarnate in groups, which is certainly consistent with the findings of Dr. Michael Newton in his books, "Journey of Souls" and "Destiny of Souls", not to mention other sources on reincarnation such as the work of Dr. Walter Semkiw who wrote "Return of the Revolutionaries".  As an example, the book "Mission to Millboro" by Dr. Marge Rieder, is about a group of people in Millboro, Virginia during the Civil War who are
now reincarnated together in a small California town, Lake Elsinore. 

As indicate below, I believe Obama and the associates he brought into office with him in 2009 are reincarnated Nazis. Not surprisingly, this tends to make Obama supporters scoff at the least, and enrage them at worst. I don't believe Obama or his associates remember their past lives, nor do I think they necessarily reincarnated to "fundamentally transform America", as Obama put it, into the Fourth Reich.  I do believe that they have subconscious memories of being Nazis and, as with everyone else, have carried certain traits and tendencies forward from their last life. 

Assuming this hypothesis is true, bear in mind that while the Nazis were fascists, not all fascist are or were Nazis.  Fascism is an economic and political system where the state permits private ownership of the means of production, but micromanages it for the purposes of the state.  I believe the Obama administration has fascist tendencies, but is presumably not Nazi.  (For an explanation, see The New Fascism.)  Viewing the Obama administration retrospectively, the more convinced I am that it was increasingly statist, authoritarian, and collectivist.

The Nazis incorporated fascism (after discarding socialism) but also included virulent antisemitism and racism, ultra-nationalism, and an expansionist foreign policy anchored to militarism.  None of that applied to Obama or his associates.  In fact, Obama and virtually all his closest associates are either black or Jewish, the very groups despised by the Nazis.

Also bear in mind that we reincarnate to work on balancing our karma.  We all experience being good or bad during different lifetimes.  We experience being different races, classes and occupations, all based on learning how to love unconditionally.  If Obama and his associates were Nazis, and it's amazing how much many of them resemble their Nazi counterparts, it probably means they're back to get it right this time and see things from a different perspective. Of course, the gamble, as with everyone who reincarnates, is whether they get it right or persist with old karmic patterns. 

On the other hand, Obama's administration was the most authoritarian, secretive, corrupt and anti-American that I can point to, so perhaps the other theory about souls, that some are demonic, may also apply.   Some Christians think Obama is the Antichrist and point to traits he shares with their interpretation of the Bible.  (See Obama's Dream.)  At the very least, Obama may have mental issues in common with people like Hitler and other Nazis.  (See The Psychopath?)  Only time will tell what the truth is about Obama and his associates.

My hypothesis is based on a study of the characteristics of the people listed below.  That doesn't make it proven.  As for verification, it's also not proof, but it is suggestive.  One prominent researcher asks a channeled disincarnate entity for verification.  Another prominent one uses a pendulum. 

I use signs or as they could be known, synchronicities, as the universe's verification.  I did ask for a sign as to whether I'm correct about Obama as a reincarnation of a Nazi.  (See the Methodology section.)  In this case, first, I received an email about World War II veterans from a person who normally doesn't send information like that.  Then I went to someone's Myspace (yes, it was years ago)  site to see a blog entry on a different subject but wound up watching a clip from Charlie Chaplin's "The Dictator" in which he portrays a caricature of Hitler.  Next, I was on and out of curiosity went to a link whose title was so nondescript that I wondered what it was about.  It turned out to be about how the children and grandchildren of prominent Nazis cope with knowing they're the progeny of murderers.  And finally, someone who has not seen this web site sent me a link to her article about how those who instituted the New Deal created a propaganda program based on that of the Nazis!  All of this occurred in one day.  Synchronicity or coincidence?

The day after that, I turned on the TV and was startled to see a picture of Hitler.  It was a TV pundit holding up a copy of the 1933 New York Times in which the Fuehrer was being extolled for the good he was doing for Germany. 

Given how often references to Nazi Germany can be found in various media, I decided to experiment and asked for a sign as to whether I was Adolf Hitler in my previous life.  For three days, I did not see one reference to Hitler or the Nazis.  On the fourth day, I released the request for a sign and later that day found an article on how the Nazis were teaching dogs to talk.

To reiterate, these matches are conjecture or speculation based on appearances and other commonalities.  That doesn't make them true, just possible. Most of the people on this list came to the administration in the first wave of hires and most are from Chicago, representing his old cronies.  


If you're any of the following people, I'd like to know what you think about your possible past-life match.  I'd especially like to hypnotize you into a past-life regression.  Just contact me.

Barack Obama - Joseph Goebbels
Recep Erdogan - Adolph Hitler
Rahm Emanuel - Arthur Liebehenschel
David Axelrod - Martin Bormann
William Clinton - Walther Hewel 
Jeremiah Wright - Gregor Strasser
Michelle Obama - Karl Brandt
Eric Whitaker - Sigmund Rascher
Penny Pritzker - Magda Goebbels
Richard M. Daley - Gottfried Feder
Martin Nesbitt - Hans von Tschammer und Osten
Joe Biden - Fritz Todt
Richard Trumka - Ernst Roehm
Tony Rezko - Robert Ley
David Petraeus - Erwin Rommel
Alexi Giannoulias - Baldur von Schirach
Susan Rice - Ernst von Weizsaecker
William Daley - Henri Deterding
Patrick Gaspard - Hermann Goering
Andy Stern - Kurt Daluege
Larry Sinclair - Albert Forster
Arne Duncan - Hans Schemm
David Plouffe - Hans Fritzsche
Bill Ayers - Max Erwin von Scheubner-Richter
Jay Carney - Karl Hanke
Hillary Clinton - Heinrich Himmler
Eric Holder - Fritz Sauckel
Timothy Geithner - Kurt Schmitt 
Lloyd Blankfein - Gustav Stresemann
John Podesta - Oskar Dirlewanger
Valerie Jarrett - Theodor Morell
Cass Sunstein - Roland Freisler
Robert Gibbs - Otto Dietrich
Patrick Deval - Martin Mutschmann
Anita Dunn - Max Amann
Wade Rathke - Arthur Seyss-Inquart

George Soros - Dietrich Eckart

Sandra Fluke - Geli Raubal
Samantha Power - Unity Mitford
Jim Messina - Friedrich Syrup
John Brennan - Benito Mussolini
Janet Napolitano - Viktor Lutze
Nancy Pelosi - Erhard Heiden

In July 2011, I discovered that someone else has been matching Obama associates and also thinks Obama is the same person I think he was.  In other respects, some of his matches differ from mine, especially in regards to who Hitler might be now.  You can see the video and decide for yourself.


I wondered who President Barack Obama might have been in a previous lifetime and somehow came up with a German Nazi.  In fact, I believe he's the reincarnation of Joseph Goebbels, Ph.D., the Nazi propaganda chief known as the "Poison Dwarf."  Why?  Barack Obama has built a career out of propagandizing himself with little of substance to back it up.  His oratory and autobiographies were largely responsible for shaping his image and his success at the ballot box.  Why would Goebbels reincarnate in America?  For one thing, Goebbels once said,
"After the war I'll go to America.  There, at least, they will appreciate a propaganda genius and will pay him accordingly."

So what is the evidence?  Consider that on presidential candidate Obama's foreign excursion while campaigning, he stopped off in Berlin, Germany, and made a major speech in front of the Prussian Victory Column. The Victory Column commemorates the Prussians' victory over Denmark, Austria and France and was regarded by the Nazis as a symbol of German superiority. No other presidential candidate, to my knowledge, has had the urge to go abroad to campaign, much less go to Berlin and make a speech at a place the Nazis regarded as symbolic of German superiority.

Obama In Front of the Prussian Victory Column

A Nazi parade. Note the Prussian Victory Column in the background.

In 1930, an ancient Greek Temple was reconstructed in a Berlin Museum.  The Pergamon Temple, as it's called, inspired Albert Speer, Hitler's architect, along with other Nazi architects, who used it in several of their designs. 

The Pergamon Temple in Berlin

Speer designed Nuremberg's Zeppelin field, where large Nazi rallies were held, to look like the Pergamon Temple.

Nuremberg's Zeppelin Field

Speakers' Platform at Zeppelin Field During Nazi Rally

The other favorite venue for Nazi party rallies was the Berlin Sportpalast, a large indoor stadium in which the Nazis would pack over 20,000 people.  Note the similarity in architectural style between the Pergamon Temple, Zeppelin Field and the dais in the Sportspalast.

Speakers Platform at Berlin Sportpalast During Nazi Rally

During the 2008 Democrat Party National Convention, Obama eschewed the convention hall and instead opted to make his acceptance speech in a professional sports stadium, Invesco Field.  Obama is the only presidential candidate that I can remember doing something like that.  Obama then had the stadium redecorated with what could termed a Greek temple motif.  Now note the similarities between Obama's neo-classical stage setting inside the Denver Invesco stadium and the architecture at Nuremberg's Zeppelin field where large Nazi rallies were held.  Note also how closely it resembles the Pergamon Temple.

Obama's Acceptance Speech Stage at Invesco Athletic Field

Speakers' Platform at Invesco Field

Perhaps most chillingly, in the Bible's book of Revelation, Chapter 2, the Temple of Pergamon is referred to as the Throne of Satan.

“To the angel of the church in Pergamum write:

These are the words of him who has the sharp, double-edged sword.  I know where you live—where Satan has his throne. Yet you remain true to my name. You did not renounce your faith in me, not even in the days of Antipas, my faithful witness, who was put to death in your city—where Satan lives."

All presidential candidates have literature that displays their name and sometimes a decoration next to it.  Such decorations can change with each version of the campaign literature or signs.  Obama is also the only presidential candidate that I can remember who actually had a personal logo designed.  The Nazis had their own logo, of course, because they understood the power of symbolism and pageantry.  Obama made extensive use of slogans as well, which is also reminiscent of the Nazis.  (Deutschland Erwach means Germany Awake.)



From what research I did, it appears that Goebbels and Obama do share some personal similarities as well. Goebbels obtained a Ph.D. in romantic literature and did a lot of writing, both novels and poetry. His first and only novel, rejected by publishers, was called "Michael" and was autobiographical.  He also wrote poetry that was apparently bad since it too was rejected by publishers.  Most of his writing, however, was in a diary he kept.  Likewise, Obama has written only two books and they were both autobiographical.  He has also written some really bad poetry.  

Goebbels was small (5 ft. 4 in. and about 105 pounds) and had a club foot.  In his imagined autobiography, he depicts himself as tall and athletic.  It would make sense for Goebbels to reincarnate as someone who is tall and tries to be athletic.

Goebbels was considered the best orator in Germany, next to Hitler, but rather than being bombastic, he preferred sarcasm and humor. Obama is considered a great orator and he, too, does sarcasm and humor.  Goebbels loved to listen to his hero, Hitler, give one of his bombastic speeches.  Obama sat in the church of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright whose sermons were in style and vitriol similar to that of Hitler.

Interestingly, if you watch Obama make a speech, his left hand (he's left-handed) frequently rises to make a gesture.  Goebbels did the same thing, although his orations style was considerably more histrionic.    



Goebbels insisted that there was no truth or falsehood inherent in any statement.  If it works as propaganda, that is sufficient to make it good.  To win the presidency, Obama lied about himself and the policies he would pursue as president.  He's still noted for saying falsehoods to serve his agenda. 

And, of course, Goebbels was devoted to the fascist philosophy of Hitler and the Nazi party.  Obama was raised, mentored and educated by Marxists, although his policies as president are more
fascist.  That is, his program has been a mixture of government takeovers and government controls over private industry, along with crony capitalism.  It is typical of fascism, for example, for the government to threaten to fire the CEO of a private corporation if that company doesn't comply with the government's wishes, which is just what the Obama administration has done.

Were their personalities the same?  One possible difference is that Goebbels was a notorious womanizer. I've not heard that said about Obama.  Yet, both endured damaging childhoods that led to narcissism (some say
Obama has Narcissistic Personality Disorder, or NPD) and an overweening ambition to be in charge of others.  Goebbels had fits of depression but was also "pathologically narcissist."  In fact, he had an obsession to be loved, to be the center of attention, and to feel important.  His diary frequently exaggerated the response to his speeches and his importance to the party organization in its early days.  He loved to give speeches because he enjoyed performing to a crowd.  That description also fits Obama.

Here's a comparison between Obama and Goebbels.  Interestingly, the ears have the same shape. 



In an article comparing Obama and Hitler, the author cites the striking similarities between the two, so much so that if the author were trying to make a case for reincarnation (which she wasn't), it would have been quite plausible.  A case can be made that Obama is the reincarnation of Hitler.  They have similar eyes.



Another article compares the 
degree of NPD between Hitler and Obama and concludes that they're the same.  And yet, another article states that Obama has the makings of a fuehrer because of his NPD.  Interestingly, Obama said he would have been an architect if he hadn't been a politician.  (Where did he become interested in architecture?  I haven't seen any indication he's even interested in art.)  Hitler said the same thing.  Also, Hitler, like Obama, wrote two books, both about himself. 

If history repeats itself, the unprecedented reaction to Obama has antecedents in the adoration of Hitler.  He was thought of as the Messiah by the German public.  Women swooned at his sight.  When he was made chancellor, thousands marched past his hotel window, with looks that made one observer say they reminded him of holy rollers at a revival meeting.  Likewise, in 2008, Obama was called "the one" or "the Messiah."  Women fainted at his sight.  Thousands, with looks of ecstasy on their faces, thought Obama was sent by God to save us, just as the Germans expected Hitler would.  We've even seen children's chorus's singing in praise of Obama as a man who will change the world, reminiscent of Hitler Youth singing the same thing about Der Fuehrer.  There are other similarities in their biographies, as indicated in a video, "Can You Guess Who I Am?"


Hitler considered himself a great general and personally ran the German war effort starting in 1944.  Even as a child, he was intensely interested in military matters.  Goebbels would like to have been in the military and was pleased to be put in charge of defending Berlin as the Soviet Red Army was closing in on Hitler's bunker.  Obama seems to have no use for the military, but one report, true or not, indicated that the one joy Obama takes from his job is watching videos of drone strikes.  He personally decides who to kill or not.

Goebbels was the only well-educated and intellectual member of Hitler's inner circle, yet he was so fearful of being labeled a "bourgeois intellectual" that he went out of his way to downplay his intellect.  Likewise, Obama appears to be more interested in sports than intellect.  This is a president who spends his leisure time playing golf or basketball.  Hitler never made any pretensions to being an intellectual.  The Nazis actually eschewed intelligence and reason.   

As mentioned, Hitler's speeches were bombastic while Goebbels relied on sarcasm, humor and subtle appeals to the psychological needs of his audience.  So are Obama's.  But Hitler's speeches were often filled with similes and metaphors, along with vague and nebulous phrases that, since the mind can't immediately tell what he's talking about, induces a hypnotic effect.  Goebbels' speeches were more direct since propaganda required simple phrasing that was repeated.

Goebbels was described by his secretary as "cold and distant", a description also applied to Obama.  Goebbels was also a hard worker and very industrious, whereas Hitler was described as basically lazy and non-industrious.  Likewise, Obama has been described as lazy and he certainly hadn't accomplished much in his life before becoming president.  In fact, Obama is said to lead from behind, deferring to strong women.

Both Hitler and Goebbels were enamored with theater and arts people and spent a lot of time hobnobbing with celebrities, just like Obama.  Goebbels had an affair with a beautiful Czech actress until Hitler put a stop to it.

I believe that because Obama looks more like Goebbels, and his temperament is more like Goebbels', it is more likely Obama's past-life was Goebbels than Hitler.  I don't think it's unreasonable to suspect that Goebbels, who learned from Hitler, would want to emulate his fame and power in another life.  On the other hand, the case for having been Hitler is also quite strong. 

So was Obama Hitler or Goebbels?  I'm more inclined to think that Obama's close and trusted friend and consultant, Turkish President Recep Erdogan, is the reincarnation of Hitler.  (See below.)

Some people think Obama is the Biblical Antichrist.  Of course, there are a lot of people accused of that. Interestingly, Nostradamus, the famous 16th century prophet, said there were three Antichrists, of which Napoleon was the first and Hitler was the second according to interpretations.  If Erdogan is the reincarnation of Hitler, perhaps he's the third Antichrist.  Some Biblical analysts believe that Turkey is the seat of the Antichrist, so perhaps it's true.  ("Satan's seat" at Pergamon was also in what is now modern-day Turkey.)  It may also be that the soul that inhabits Obama also inhabits Erdogan, not to mention John Brennan who may be the reincarnation of Napoleon-Mussolini.

So while none of the foregoing may be true, it's something to consider.  If you look at Youtube, you'll find many videos of people who have had a dream about Obama and none of them are positive, even among black people.  Almost all see him as evil in their dreams.

One morning while taking my shower I asked for a sign as to whether Obama is the reincarnation of Goebbels.  Then got I dressed and went downstairs and turned on the television.  The image that immediately appeared on the screen was of Adolph Eichmann, the notorious Nazi, sitting in the dock at his trial in Israel.  It turned out to be a news program about the death of Osama Bin Laden and for some reason they were using the trial of Eichmann to illustrate a point. In asking for a sign, timing is critical.  Coincidence or synchronicity?

My suggestion is to read up on the Nazis, their ideology and how they rose to power and then watch what Obama and his administration does or says.  When Obama says that he can't wait for congress to act and that he'll have to save us himself, he echoes the Nazis.  When he says we have to have national unity and quit arguing, he's echoing the Nazis.  When Obama denounces Wall Street yet funds his campaigns with their money, he's echoing the Nazis. 

I did ask a psychic who is a self-described Democrat liberal what she thought, and she said that Obama and Goebbels have different energy, so she doubted the connection.  I also asked Dr. Semkiw, another liberal who believes America's founding fathers have returned mostly as New Age gurus, if he concurred and he said that while they may look alike, Obama and Goebbels have different personalities and couldn't be a match. Later on, he said I was bordering on slandering Obama and unless I removed this section from my website, he'd refuse to associate with me.  It's regrettable that his politics have influenced his objectivity.


If Obama is the reincarnation of Goebbels, who is the reincarnation of Hitler?  It would seem that if many of the Third Reich's officials are associated with the Obama administration, so, too, would the reincarnation of Hitler. However, I suspect Hitler reincarnated as the current president of Turkey, Recep Erdogan.  

Interestingly, when Obama was first elected to the presidency, his first foreign bi-lateral relations trip was to see Erdogan in April 2009.  Obama describes Erdogan as a close and trusted friend and Obama consults with Erdogan frequently.  If Obama was Goebbels and Erdogan was Hitler, then their relationship continues.

Not many people know that the Nazis were enamored with the policies of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of the secular state of Turkey in 1923.  Hitler considered Ataturk to be the master of both himself and Mussolini, and the "greatest man of this century." Ataturk fought the Turkish "War of Independence" against the Greeks, Armenians and some remnant Ottoman troops in the aftermath of World War I.  He did that by allying himself with both the communist Soviet Union and Islamists.  All were against the Western powers, so they cooperated.  Some historians consider Ataturk's policies to be the true start of fascism.  In fact, he was responsible for the ethnic cleansing of Armenians (the great genocide) and Greeks, a fact that appealed to Hitler.  Perhaps Hitler decided to reincarnate as the leader of Turkey. Hitler also allied initially with the Soviet Union and Islamists.
Erdogan was the Prime Minister of Turkey before becoming president, a largely ceremonial post.  He was born in 1954 and has a business degree.  He founded a party, the Justice and Development Party (AK), that spread until it became Turkey's largest.  And like the Nazis, the AK is ideological, with Islam as its basis.  Erdogan once authored and starred in his own production, a play based on the evils of freemasonry, communism and Judaism, which also happen to have been the groups the Hitler reviled.  Like Hitler, he was jailed for a short time before starting his political career. In Erdogan's case, it was for reciting a poem on the radio that went, "The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers..." Erdogan got his political start, like Hitler, because of his fiery oratory.  

A childhood friend of Erdogan claims that Erdogan carried a copy of Hitler's Mein Kampf with him constantly as a young child and Mein Kampf is presently Turkey's most popular selling book.  It's been said that the book is being subsidized by the Turkish government. In December 2015, Erdogan wanted to change the office of President into an actual ruler with executive powers. When asked if it were possible in a unitary state
he said,  "There are already examples in the world.  You can see it when you look at Hitler's Germany."

Erdogan has established a cult of personality, like Hitler did, and his face is everywhere. Turkish television did a hagiographic biography of Erdogan called "Saga of the Master."  Erdogan is called "the Master" by his followers when he isn't being called simply "the leader", which would be "Die Fuehrer" in German.  Erdogan's regime has become increasingly repressive, with critics being jailed, the internet shut down, media silenced and elections being rigged. Erdogan also built a mammoth presidential palace in a forest preserve despite court orders to cease.   Erdogan is extremely anti-Semitic and has basically wrecked what were once good relations between secular Turkey and Israel.  Interestingly, Erdogan's family was actually from Georgia, which he proudly admitted in 2003 and then claimed was a lie in 2014.  So, like Hitler who was born Austrian and later claimed to be German, Erdogan wasn't actually born a Turk but later claimed to be one.

In 2015, Erdogan has been called one who has "gathered all of Allah's qualities within himself."  One lawmaker said "touching our prime minister (Erdogan) is worship to me." Another said, "Touching Erdogan is a form of prayer" and "he has all the attributes of God."  Now Erdogan has been proclaimed a prophet and healer by some, and Erdogan himself has started talking as if he were the Prophet Mohammed. Interestingly, on one occasion, he had a giant hologram of himself  projected into the sky to address the crowd at an event.

Erdogan has also tried to reinstate the trappings of the Ottoman Empire, just as Hitler tried to reinstate the German Empire of pre-World War I.  He even greeted a visiting Palestinian, Mahmmoud Abbas, with a display of Ottoman Turk warriors from over the centuries.

As of early 2015, Erdogan ranted about expanding the borders of Turkey and reestablishing the Caliphate.  One of the members of his government tweeted that Turks should "get ready for Erdogan's caliphate."

There is a resemblance between Erdogan and Hitler.

Erdogan                                         Hitler

Hitler                                                  Erdogan

Hitler                                           Erdogan


Napolitano, born in 1957, is Obama's head of the Department of Homeland Security and a former governor of Arizona.  She has never married and her favorite activities are playing softball and tennis, as well as hiking and whitewater rafting.  Speculation has it that she's lesbian, although she denies it, saying she's just a straight workaholic.

Lutze, who was killed in a 1943 automobile accident, was an original founder and organizer of the Nazi's Sturmabteilung (SA), also known as the Storm Troopers or Brown Shirts.  He was also police chief of Hanover and it's provincial governor.  His loyalty to Hitler was rewarded by his not being killed during the "Night of the Long Knives."  In fact, he helped plan it and replaced Ernst Roehm as the weakened organization's head.  Lutze was also involved in the Krystallnacht terrorizing of Jews.  As a favorite of Hitler, his state funeral was quite elaborate.


Power, born in Ireland in 1970, is Obama's Special Assistant who runs the Office of Multilateral Affairs and Human Rights as Senior Director of Multilateral Affairs on the Staff of the National Security Council. She is also the Founding Executive Director and a Professor for the Practice of Global Leadership and Public Policy at Harvard.  She started out as a journalist and wrote a Pulitzer Prize winning book on genocide.  Power, who is married to Cass Sunstein, is known for her antipathy to Israel and promotion of the Palestinian cause, her agreement with anti-American radicals, and her advocacy of foreign interventions.

Mitford was one of six sisters born to an aristocratic British family.  One of the sisters, Diana, was married to Oswald Mosley, the leader of the British Union of Fascists. The other sisters were mostly into writing and editing.  Unity, whose middle name was Valkyrie, went with Diana in 1933 to attend the Nazi Nuremberg rally and became enamored with the Nazis in general and Hitler in particular.  She was rumored to have become Hitler's girlfriend (he described her as the perfect Aryan woman) and to have born him a child.  She also made virulent antisemitic speeches for the Nazis.  After the war and Germany's defeat, she tried to kill herself but only delayed her death until 1948 when inflammation around the bullet still lodged in her brain finally did her in.

Mitford and Power have a similar look, especially the jaw line.

Mitford                      Power


If there are other past-life Nazis within Obama's inner circle, surely Rahm Emanuel, until recently Obama's Chief of Staff, is one.  He is infamous as being a really crude and nasty man.  I've read that he's mellowed since 2007 which may have contributed to his being elected mayor of Chicago after he quit the White House.  This is a man who sent a dead fish to a pollster he didn't like.  His language has been described as quite vulgar.  In fact, he screamed into British Prime Minster Tony Blair's face before he was to give a speech, "Don't fuck this up!"  More interestingly, he was at a restaurant for some political event and picking up his steak knife, he then listed President Clinton's political enemies, and with each name he'd stab the table with the knife and yell, "Dead!"  Emanuel is also known as a finger jabber and when annoyed would pinch someone leaving a bruise.  He was also known for red-faced, screaming tirades against those he was angry with.

If there is anyone who looks like Emanuel among the old Nazis, especially in the eyes, it has to be Arthur Liebehenschel, an SS officer, who was commandant at both Auschwitz I and the Majdanek death camp.  

Rahm Emanuel    Arthur Liebehenschel

Liebehenschel's daughter claims that her father really wasn't that bad and tried to make conditions at Auschwitz better for the hapless inmates.  She claimed he was a quiet, good-natured and methodical man who wasn't evil, but rather, an enabler of evil. 

He was rising in the SS hierarchy until he left his wife for his boss's secretary who has previously been in trouble for having a romantic relationship with a Jew.  Because of that, SS head Himmler had Liebehenschel transfered out of the office where he merely did paperwork and, for punishment, was made commandant of the Auschwitz I camp.  Apparently, he was distraught over his role at the camp but did his job to the best of his ability. That got him tried, convicted and hanged in 1947.

On the other hand, the transcript of his trial depicted Liebehenschel as more inhumane than the image his daughter portrayed.  For example, he financially rewarded his guards 50 Marks whenever they shot a prisoner who was trying to escape.  Needless to say, there were a lot of alleged escape attempts.

So why would a quiet man like Liebehenschel become the pugnacious Emanuel?  Emanuel has two prominent brothers, one a Hollywood agent and the other a physician and medical ethicist.  Neither are known for the type of behavior Rahm is famous for.  Unless something happened to Rahm to engender such hostility, it may be a reaction to his last life.

Emanuel is Jewish and once worked for the Israeli Defense Forces, which could be a karmic lesson for someone who persecuted Jews in his previous life.


David Axelrod, also Jewish, started out as a newsman before quickly morphing into a political operative who is an expert in urban politics.  He apparently specializes in packaging African-American Democrat candidates for white voters.  Rather than emphasizing issues or policies, Axelrod creates a personality that will appeal to the public.  He is probably largely responsible for creating the image of candidate Obama as a messiah.  As a senior advisor to President Obama until January 2011,  he helped craft policy and the messages put out by the White House.  Axelrod prefers to remain behind the scenes rather than become a candidate himself.  Unlike Emanuel, he's known as a nice guy, with a soft-spoken, congenial personality.

Martin Bormann, head of the Nazi Party Chancellery, was Hitler's "chief of staff."  His ability to determine access to his boss made him the second most powerful figure in the Third Reich and hated by his rivals.  Like Axelrod, he helped Hitler craft policy and messages to the public along with guarding the Fuehrer's messiah-like image.  He preferred to remain behind the scenes where his administrative and organizational skills were indispensable.  Hitler trusted him so much he put Bormann in charge of his own personal finances.  Despite having a colorless personality that failed to impress people, Bormann was known as the ultimate political operative and bureaucratic infighter who was fiercely loyal in his duty to Hitler.

It's conceivable that Bormann reincarnated to assume much the same role he had in his last lifetime but without the mental pathologies that made him a brutal guardian of his boss.  Being Jewish and favoring African-Americans suggests he's balancing his karma and is using his position to redo his past mistakes.

Bormann also looked a bit like Axelrod. Note especially the eyes and nose.

David Axelrod                          Martin Bormann



Bormann's wife, Gerda, was a staunch Nazi (the daughter of a Nazi judge who indoctrinated her), who also looks a bit like Axelrod's wife Susan, an advocate for curing epilepsy.

Susan Axelrod                                              Gerda Buchs Bormann


William Clinton, born in 1946, was president of the United States and the husband of First Lady and later senator Hillary Clinton.  He is probably most famous for being impeached following the Monica Lewinsky scandal and for the "bimbo eruptions" from other women claiming he molested them.  Clinton attended the Foreign Service School of Georgetown University and received a B.S. in Foreign Service.  He then studied at Oxford University in Britain as a Rhodes Scholar.  Clinton eventually entered politics and became governor of Arkansas.  Charges of corruption were investigated but not proven.  Clinton started out his presidency with a swing to the left.  But his unpopularity caused him to rebound to the center and he then conducted two successful terms as president.

Hewel was one of the earliest Nazis and a personal friend of Hitler.  He participated in the "Beer Hall Putsch" and served prison time with Hitler.  Later, he spent years in Indonesia working for a British coffee plantation, and set up a Nazi party in that country among expatriate Germans.   Eventually, he returned to Germany and joined the foreign service, first working in Spain and then as a liaison from Foreign Minister Von Ribbentrop to his friend Hitler.  In that capacity, he was without portfolio and, being devoted to Hitler, served as sort of his majordomo, regulating his household and keeping peace among the inner circle.  He was the last person to converse with Hitler before the latter's suicide in 1945 and then Hewel killed himself the same day in the same manner.   

William Clinton                Walther Hewel



Rev. Jeremiah Wright, born in 1941, was one of Barack Obama's closest mentors in Chicago while he was pastor of the Trinity United Church of Christ.  Known for his anti-American rants from the pulpit, Wright is a proponent of Black Liberation Theology, which melds Christianity with Marxism.  He's also known to be an associate of Nation of Islam founder Louis Farrakhan and shares Farrakhan's anti-Semitic attitude.  At one point, Wright said "them Jews" were preventing him from reaching Obama in the White House and that Obama was controlled by Jews. Wright's style of oration is very similar to that of the Nazis.

Wright joined the Marines for two years and then became a Navy Corpsman (cardiopulmonary specialist who worked on President Johnson) before going on to get a masters degree with a major in English, and then a doctor of divinity degree.  Perhaps it's in divinity school that he fell under the sway of Black Liberation Theology and was radicalized.  

Gregor Strasser was an early member of the Nazi party.  He led a northern version of the party out of Berlin that was more Marxist than the rival group led by Hitler in Munich.  Strasser wanted the party to go after capitalists, not just Jews and communists.  One of Strasser's closest associates in Berlin was Joseph Goebbels, who was anti-Hitler and pro-Strasser until Hitler took control of the party and Goebbels fell under his influence.  Strasser was a First World War veteran and, like Wright, was in the medical field as a pharmacist.  He was known as one of the best orators along with Hitler and Goebbel.  Strasser was murdered on Hitler's orders during the "Night of the Long Knives" in 1934.

           Jeremiah Wright                                 Gregor Strasser



Dr. Karl Brandt, Reich Minister for Health and Sanitation, was in Hitler's inner circle and was his personal physician.  He was also responsible for conducting medical experiments on unwilling prisoners along with participating in the euthanasia program to exterminate those deemed unworthy to live.  He was tried and executed after the war.

Michelle Obama, the President's wife, is an attorney who was on the board of a Chicago hospital that was known for aborting babies and literally throwing them away while still alive.  Whether she supports her husband's approval of all forms of abortion, including partial-birth, isn't known to me, but I suspect she does.

In her husband's administration, Michelle Obama's role as first lady seems to be the spokesperson for encouraging healthy practices, especially regarding eating and exercise.  She's sort of the President's unofficial Minister for Health.

She also said that under her husband's administration, we'd all have to sacrifice as well as change America's traditions and history!  That seems very reminiscent of the Nazis.

There is some resemblance between Michelle Obama and Dr. Karl Brandt, especially in the eyes.

Michelle Obama                       Dr. Karl Brandt


Dr. Eric Whitaker, a medical doctor who knew Barack Obama while they were both students at Harvard, is one of the President's closest friends.  He was an administrator in the same hospital in which Michelle Obama was a board member.  Whitaker is a specialist in inner city medicine, but came under criticism for the hospital's policy of cost-control by turning away from the emergency room anyone without a life threatening condition.

Dr. Sigmund Rascher was a physician at the Dachau concentration camp who conducted hideous human experiments on behalf of the Luftwaffe.  He was tried and hanged after the war.

There does appear to be some resemblance between the two.

Dr. Eric Whitaker                     Dr. Sigmund Rascher


Pritzker was born into wealth and then increased that wealth through her own talents.  She's now a billionaire.  It's been said that Obama would not be President without the help of Pritzker, who was his chief fund raiser.  Like most of Obama's close white associates, she's Jewish.

Magda Goebbels, the wife of Joseph, married a millionaire who gave her a handsome settlement upon their divorce.  She never had to work after that.  Later, she saw Goebbels give a speech at a Nazi rally and fell in love with him on the spot. 


Penny Pritzker                          Magda Goebbels



Feder, a self-taught economic theoretician who was trained as an engineer and had his own construction company, was vehemently anti-Semitic. He was an early member of the Nazi party and a close mentor of Hitler's, teaching him his own version of finance and economics.  Hitler joined the Nazis after hearing Feder make a speech in 1919.  As an early leader of the Nazi party, he was elected to the Reichstag.

Feder had an interest in urban planning and wrote a book promoting the idea of garden cities.  That is, a city would be broken up into self-sufficient neighborhoods surrounded by parks and gardens.

Daley was mayor of Chicago from 1989 to 2011.  He has been noted for his "imperial" style of governing.  Prior to becoming mayor, he served in the Illinois state senate and was a Cooks county state's attorney.  He is the son of Chicago's long time mayor, Richard J. Daley, and the brother of President Obama's current (as of 2011) chief of staff, William Daley.

Rabidly anti-gun, a reporter questioned the effectiveness of the city's handgun ban, Daley, who probably would have made a good Nazi, picked up a rifle with a bayonet and told him, "If I put this up your butt, you'll find out how effective it is."

A University of Chicago study called Chicago a "dark pool of corruption" and the city is famous for its "gangster" politics.

In possibly a reflection of Feder's ideas about urban planning, Daley illegally (no approval from the city council or the Federal Aviation Administration) had Meigs airfield demolished (trapping some of the airplanes still there) and replaced with a prairie preserve, bird rehabilitation center and concert park.  He has also expanded and improved park lands, including making a former train yard into "Millennium Park", and planted flowers along primary streets. 

Daley does resemble Feder.

Richard M. Daley                     Gottried Feder


Martin Nesbitt is said to be President Obama's best friend.  The owner of an airport parking company, he served as treasurer of Obama's election campaign.  Nesbitt, a former high school basketball player, is probably best known for being Obama's basketball partner. 

Von Tschammer und Osten was a German aristocrat who was a leader of the Storm Troopers (SA), a member of the Reichstag, and finally the Reich Minister for Sports.   He was responsible for the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin.

In 2009, Nesbitt was named to the board that unsuccessfully bid for Chicago to win the 2016 Olympics.  

Note the resemblance.

 Martin Nesbitt           Hans von Tschammer und Osten



Joe Biden is, as of 2011, Vice President.  Despite being an attorney, he is famous for making extemporaneous embarrassing remarks.  He's also known for his daily commute as senator from Delaware to Washington via Amtrak train.  He lost his first wife and daughter in a car accident that also severely injured his two sons.  President Obama named him to supervise the spending of stimulus money on infrastructure projects.

Fritz Todt, Ph.D., was an engineer whose specialty was roads and highways.   He created the German autobahn and was named to head supervision of construction projects for the Nazis, including the Siegfried line of fortifications along the border with France.  He died when the plane he was on exploded as he was leaving a meeting with Hitler.

Joe Biden                                    Fritz Todt


Trumka is head of the AFL-CIO labor union and has stated that he phones President Obama on a daily basis and visits the White House weekly.  He started out as an attorney for the United Mine Workers union but was eventually elected to head it.  His tenure was marked by corruption and, what's more, he encouraged union thugs to commit violence, once saying his members should "kick the shit" out of those who obstructed the union's program.

Ernst Roehm was the head of the Nazi paramilitary "Storm Troopers", the group that beat up or terrorized opponents of the party, and a very close friend of Hitler's.  He was eventually deemed Hitler's rival and was arrested and executed under Hitler's orders.

They have similar looks.

Richard Trumka                           Ernst Roehm


Originally from Syria, Rezko was noted primarily as the owner of a chain of fast-food restaurants and as a corrupt real estate developer and slum lord.  He was convicted of demanding kickbacks from companies wanting to do business with the state (he helped elect Rod Blagojovich as governor and had his business associates installed in key government offices), along with bribery and fraud.  During his trial, jurors were sent to inspect Rezko's 8600 sq. ft.  mansion and assess what was termed his "opulent lifestyle."

He was also a political fund raiser and a key associate of Barack Obama's.  Rezko offered Obama a job with his real estate company, but Obama joined a law firm instead.  That law firm represented Rezko's business and helped Rezko obtain $43 million in federal funds.  When Obama bought a house in Chicago, Rezko, who was already under indictment, bought the adjoining lot and later sold a slice of it to Obama for well below its value.  The reduced size of the lot made it less attractive for development.

Robert Ley was head of the German Labor Front, but was noted for his corruption, his opulent lifestyle, womanizing and heavy drinking.  He embezzled money and stole profits from the newspaper he edited for the party.  Despite that, he was still favored by Hitler.  With a doctorate in chemistry, he started out as a food chemist before switching to the Nazi party bureaucracy where he supported the socialist wing of the party.


Tony Rezko                                       Robert Ley



If Joseph Goebbels reincarnated as Barack Obama, it may help explain why he named David Petraeus, an army officer, as head of the Central Intelligence Agency.  Goebbels was a friend and ardent admirer of General Erwin Rommel, sometimes known as "the Desert Fox" for his armored campaign against the British and Americans in North Africa.  Rommel was a First World War much decorated hero who wrote the book on how to be an officer for the German army.  He went to a military academy and later taught at one, as well.  Rommel was a humane soldier, and was never accused of war crimes.  He treated captured allied soldiers well.  Eventually, he was accused in the 20 July plot to assassinate Hitler, even though he wasn't involved, and was forced to commit suicide or have his family suffer.

David Petraeus also fought in the Desert, commanding allied forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.  He attended West Point and later was head of the Command and General Staff College where he is famous, perhaps, for helping write the book on counter-insurgency.  His efforts in Iraq are credited with winning the war there.

Petraeus and Rommel have similar looks.

Gen. Rommel                   Gen. Petraeus


In 2012, a controversy erupted when Petraeus resigned from his position as Director of Central Intelligence because of an affair with a  woman, Paula Broadwell, who had written his biography.  Broadwell, married as is Petraeus, is young, attractive and an expert on military matters, having graduated from West Point and having risen to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the Army Reserves.  She is reportedly into fitness, adventure and working on a Ph.D.  Holly Petraeus, the wife of the general turned DCI, is an older woman, far less attractive, who Petraeus has been married to since his West Point days. 

Reportedly, Petraeus was obsessed with Broadwell, having written her thousands of emails and Broadwell may have been obsessed with him, too, since, according to the press, the reason their affair was discovered is that she was sending threatening emails to another woman who she apparently took as a rival for the affections of Petraeus.  Why would they be so obsessed with each other?  Perhaps they are what is commonly called "soul mates", that is, souls who were close and loving in previous lives. 

Erwin Rommel was engaged to a woman, Walpurga Stemmer, and got her pregnant, only to abandon her for another woman, Lucie Mollin, who he fell for.  Walpurga gave birth to Gertrude but later killed herself when Lucie gave birth and she figured she could never get Erwin back.  This suggests that Lucie was Erwin's "soul mate" and possibly reincarnated as Pamela Broadwell.  Meanwhile, perhaps Walpurga reincarnated as Holly Knowlton, who married David Petraeus.  You can decide if Broadwell looks like Lucie. (Obviously, the photo of Lucie below is from when she was much older than Broadwell is now.  Lucie died in September 1971.  Broadwell was born in November 1972.

I could not find a picture of Walpurga, but I presume this picture of her daughter resembles her.  You can decide if this picture of Gertrude Stemmer looks similar to Holly Petraeus, suggesting her marriage to Petraeus was a karmic debt being paid.


Giannoulias, born in 1976 or Greek parents, was Illinois state treasurer, a banker, and an early financial supporter of his friend and mentor, Barack Obama.  He ran for US Senate but was defeated in 2010.  Among his achievements were scholarship and savings programs for college students and heavy investments in Israeli bonds.  Giannoulias's bank had ties to organized crime.

Von Schirach died in 1974.  He was the leader of the Hitler Youth before becoming Gauleiter of Vienna where he helped round up Jews for deportation to concentration camps.  He was somewhat effeminate, an art patron and writer, and among Hitler's inner circle.  His wife was an American descended from signers of the Declaration of Independence.

 Giannoulias                                   Von Schirach


Rice, born in 1964, was a member of the National Security Council under President Clinton and Undersecretary of State for African Affairs.  She was became a foreign policy advisor for President Obama until she was named to be the US Ambassador to the United Nations.  She's held various other foreign policy positions under both Clinton and Obama, as well as in think tanks and academia.  She was born in Washington, DC to professional parents.  Her father was a governor on the board of the Federal Reserve and her mother is still an educational policy advisor at the Brookings Institute.  Rice was a Rhodes Scholar and achieved a doctorate at Oxford.  During the genocide in Rwanda, she advised Clinton not to call it a genocide since that would require acting to stop it and failure to act would not be well  received in the upcoming elections.  Colleagues accused her of being authoritarian, brash and unwilling to listen to the opinions of others.

Like Rice, Von Weizsaecker was from a distinguished family.  His father was Prime Minister of Wurttemburg who was raised to nobility as a baron.  His mother was old nobility.  Ernst Von Weizsaecker fathered both the famous physicist philosopher, Carl Friedrick, and the future president of Germany, Richard.  After serving in the German Navy during World War I, he entered the foreign service in 1920 and eventually served as the Nazis' Secretary of State in the Foreign Office.  While serving in that office, he refused to accept notes from the Vatican protesting the invasion of Poland even though he was a member of the anti-war faction that predicted Germany would lose another world war.  Like many Nazi supporters and members, he considered Germany to be a bulwark against Soviet communism.  After it appeared Germany would lose the war in 1943, he resigned and was appointed Ambassador to the Vatican where he lied to Hitler to protect the Pope while also conducting an anti-communist campaign.  He died in 1951.

Rice and Weizsaecker look similar, especially in the eyes.

Dr. Rice                                 Von Weizsaecker


Born in 1948, Daley, the brother of Chicago mayor Richard Daley is Obama's Chief of Staff, as of 2011.  William Daley is a former Secretary of Commerce but has been a banker for most of his career. 

Sir Henri Deterding was the head of Royal Dutch/Shell Petroleum and was called "The Napoleon of Oil" for his aggressive acquisitions.  He was an early admirer of the Nazis and helped personally fund Hitler despite being Dutch.  He died in 1939.

Daley                                   Deterding


Gaspard is, as of 2011, the Director of the Democratic National Committee.  He was Obama's Director for Political Affairs and in 2008 was the Obama campaign political director.  He has also been political director for such large unions as the Service Employees International Union (SEIU).  Like his friend, Obama, Gaspard started out as a community organizer.  Born in the Republic of the Congo to Haitian parents, he moved to the US when he was three.

Goering's father was in the German counselor service and was stationed in Southwest Africa and Haiti.  Goering was a World War I hero, a flying ace with 22 confirmed kills.  He was also an early supporter of Hitler and was initially head of the SA Stormtroopers.  In World War II, Goering was the head of the German Air Force (Luftwaffe) and the designated successor to Hitler until he fell out of favor.  Goering assumed various other roles, such as Minister Without Portfolio after Hitler was named German Chancellor, and was also head of armament production.  He was also a member of the German parliament (Reichstag).  Goering was one of Hitler's closest advisors.  Eventually, Goering became corpulent and seemed only concerned with his luxurious style of living. Convicted of war crimes after the war, he killed himself before he could be executed.


Stern was until recently the president of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), the second largest union in the country after that of the teachers.  A socialist, Stern had daily contact with President Obama and was a frequent visitor to the White House.  SEIU thugs have been reported to beat up Tea Party members, those opposed to Democrats at town hall meetings, and other Republican or right wing gatherings.  Stern has also encouraged harassing businesses or even businessmen in their own homes to achieve his goals.  As he put it, "We like to say: We use the power of persuasion first. If it doesn't work, we try the persuasion of power."  The SEIU has given millions to the Democrat Party and various left wing causes and organizations such as ACORN.  Like most of Obama's white associates, Stern is Jewish.

Daluege was a member of Hitler's stormtroopers before becoming a top official in the SS.  He spied on other Nazis and eventually rose to the rank of the commanding general of the Nazi uniformed police.  After the assassination of Heydrich, Daluege was named his replacement as Deputy Protector of Bohemia.  In revenge for the assassination, Daluege ordered the Lidice massacre.  He resigned in 1943 due to ill health but was captured after the war and hanged in Czechoslovakia.

Andy Stern                          Kurt Daluege



Sinclair is a highly controversial figure who, through press conferences and publications, has claimed that in early November 1999, he had gay sex with then Illinois Senator Obama while doing crack cocaine in back of a limo.  He also indicated that the gay choir master of the Rev. Wright's church was a lover of Obama's, and he was murdered in 2007 to keep him quiet.  Sinclair's detractors point out that the man has a criminal record (mostly having to do with bank and check fraud), and that he failed a polygraph test to verify his claims.  His supporters say that Sinclair's record is irrelevant and that polygraphs aren't reliable.  In fact, the polygrapher who administered the test has a fraudulent PhD.  Another controversial journalist, Wayne Madsen, claims that Obama and Rahm Emanuel were members of an exclusive gay bathhouse in Chicago.  That claim has also not been verified.

Forster was the Nazi gauleiter (administrative head) for the city of Danzig (now Gdansk, Poland).  He was responsible for the deaths of Poles and Jews, both of whom he considered subhuman, and was hanged after the war for his crimes.  According to the book, "The Pink Swastika", Forster was gay, even though he was married.  In fact, the wedding took place in the Berlin Chancellery with both Hitler and Rudolph Hess as witnesses.  Hitler called Forster "Bubi",  or little boy, which was a term that gays used for each other.  The book indicates that most of the people around Hitler were gay, even if married, and that Hitler may even have been gay or bisexual. 

Even if it's true that Forster reincarnated as Sinclair, his claims against Obama may still be false.  It could be that Sinclair is just out to get Obama, although why he would is difficult to discern.  Nor is Sinclair getting rich off his claims.  While I believe Obama may have been Goebbels and not Hitler, that doesn't preclude a relationship.  The book also cites a homosexual orgy that Goebbels held in his home.

Larry Sinclair                Albert Forster

Young Sinclair              Young Forster


Duncan, a pal of Obama's, is Secretary of Education.  His previous job was as CEO of Chicago Public Schools where he has been criticized for the top-down imposition of his policies.  Another criticism is that under Duncan, the Chicago schools became the most militarized in the country.  Duncan created five military academies in poor neighborhoods and several ROTC programs.

Schemm was originally a school teacher.  After becoming a member of the Nazi party, he founded the National Socialist Teachers Organization and was later named by Hitler to head cultural and educational affairs in Bavaria.  Schemm was also one of the leaders of the Stormtroopers, was involved in politics (being a mayor and then a member of the Reichstag), and was the founder of a cultural publishing house.  He was appointed Gauleiter (district governor) for Bavaria but was killed in a plane crash in 1937.

Arne Duncan                      Hans Schemm


Plouffe was Obama's chief campaign manager during the 2008 election and was a partner with David Axelrod (see above) in a Democratic Party consulting firm.  After Axelrod quit the White House, Plouffe replaced him as senior advisor to the president.  Plouffe is credited as a great strategist and has run the campaigns of numerous Democrats as well as conducting fund raising for Democrats in Congress.  For the President, Plouffe is in charge of communications, making sure leaks are avoided, the message is controlled and discipline is maintained.  Born in 1967, he dropped out of college to work in politics but returned later to get his degree.  Like virtually all of Obama's white inner circle or close associates, Plouffe is Jewish.

Hans Fritzsche also fitfully attended college before quitting to become a journalist, working for the German government.  He joined the Nazi party and became an assistant to Joseph Goebbels, working first as head of the radio department, and then deputy head of the News division.  His job was to control what was released as news.  Fritzsche was arrested after the war but was not found to have been among those pushing to eradicate Jews.  In fact, he tried to stop the publication of an anti-Jewish newspaper.  Fritzsche was acquitted but died of cancer in 1953.

David Plouffe                                Hans Fritzche


Bill Ayers was born in 1944 into a wealthy family.  His father was CEO of Commonwealth Edison in Chicago.  Ayers describes himself as a communist with "a small C."  He was a campus radical, a member of the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) and their terrorist wing, the Weather Underground.  He and his cohorts detonated several bombs at such locations as a New York police headquarters, the Capitol Building and the Pentagon.  He also wrote a book outlining his plans for taking over America and the rounding up of opponents into concentration camps.  Those who refused to relent, and he estimated there would be at least 25 million, would be slaughtered.  Though arrested, Ayers was let off on a technicality and eventually became an academician with a doctorate in education who is using his post to influence the school curricula in the US to reflect his socialist goals.  Ayers lived in the same neighborhood as Obama and held a party where he introduced Obama, who was then running for Illinois state senate, to influential people who could support him.  He also served on the board of the Annenberg Challenge with Obama, where they paid out millions to radicalize Chicago schools.  Ayers still hates the United States, which, he says, makes him "want to puke."  Ayers is one of the few white mentors of Obama who isn't Jewish.

Von Scheubner-Richter was a German born in Latvia who was aligned with the White Russians opposing the Bolsheviks.  He eventually left for Germany and became German Vice Counsel in Turkey where he documented the Armenian holocaust.  Von Scheubner-Richter was an early member of the Nazi party and wrote the instructions for Hitler on how to overthrow the government.  He participated with Hitler to implement that plan during the 1923 "Beer Hall Putsch."  Von Scheubner-Richter, linked arm in arm with Hitler, was shot and killed.  As he fell, he wrenched Hitler's arm out of it's socket, causing the future Fuehrer considerable pain.  Hitler dedicated the first part of "Mein Kampf" to Von Scheubner-Richter, referring to him as a "Dr. of Engineering."

Young Bill Ayers              Von Scheubner-Richter


Carney is the White House Press Secretary (having replaced Robert Gibbs).  He majored in Eastern European studies in college but took up a career in journalism before joining the Obama administration, first as communications director for Vice President Biden, then in his current job.  He is Jewish.

Karl Hanke was gauleiter (regional governor) of Lower Silesia (most of which is in what is now Poland) after working for Joseph Goebbels as his personal aide in the Propaganda Ministry.  In Lower Silesia, he was ruthless in his enforcement of Nazi rules and killed over one thousand people.  He also joined the SS and became a general appointed by Himmler.  Hanke was also a vice president of the Reichs Chamber of Culture.  Hitler liked Hanke, but his rise to fame stopped when he had an affair with Goebbels' wife.  Hanke then volunteered for combat duty and was decorated for bravery.  As the Red Army was closing in, Hanke was in charge of defending fortress Breslau, which he did ruthlessly, if futilely.  He was eventually caught by the Czechs and was killed.

  Jay Carney                     Karl Hanke


Former First Lady Hillary Clinton, born in 1947,  is Obama's Secretary of State.  Her previous position was as Senator from New York, even though she was born in Chicago, Illinois.  

Hillary Clinton relied upon various "new age" gurus for guidance, especially Jean Houston, who had Hillary channeling Eleanor Roosevelt and Mahatma Gandhi.  What's more, Hillary was interested in the Indian Avatar Sathya Sai Baba and even visited the home of a devotee in Potomac, Maryland, to gather information about him.  She might have visited the Avatar's ashram while in India.  Bill and Hillary were also accused of corruption, especially the White Water affair back in Arkansas where Bill was governor, but charges were never proven.  Some people are suspicious about the number of people the Clinton's knew who turned up dead, leading to the term "Arkancide."  Perhaps time will tell how accurate those allegations are.

Himmler was head of all security in Germany for the Third Reich.  As head of the SS and Gestapo, along with the concentration camps, he is considered by some to be the worst mass murderer in history.  (I believe Stalin and Mao would outdo him.)  Himmler was personally squeamish, disliking to see suffering or blood from animals or people.  He wanted Jews killed "humanely."  Perhaps that was a reflection of his pre-Nazi life as a chicken farmer.  Actually, Himmler had a degree in agronomy and was a believer in "back to the land" environmentalism.  Himmler was also a strong believer in the occult, along with astrology and nordic mythology concerning the Aryan race, hollow earth, and other fantastic ideas.  He turned the SS into a sort of "Teutonic Knights" order and concocted assorted rituals of initiation.  He sent teams to India to find evidence of the Aryans and kept a copy of the Hindu "bible", the Bhagavad Gita, on his person at all times.  After Himmler was captured, he killed himself with a cyanide capsule in 1945.

Hillary Clinton                      Heinrich Himmler 



Back in the 90's, Hillary was seen wearing a pin that resembles the Nazi eagle emblem.  The motif of an eagle perched on something is common even in Americana, but this particular design (which was also worn by Donna Shalala), seems unusually close to the Nazi version and Clinton, if she was Himmler, may have been subconsciously attracted to it for that reason.


Nazi emblem.                        Worn by Hillary above.


Holder, born in 1951, is the US Attorney General.  He has also been a judge, assistant attorney general, and lawyer for the NAACP.  Holder has been controversial for helping President Clinton pardon Democrat Party contributor Marc Rich, along with several imprisoned Puerto Rican terrorists.  He also was controversial for refusing to prosecute New Black Party members for intimidating voters at a Philadelphia polling station, for wanting to try the 9/11 conspirators in a civilian New York court, for not supporting the Defense of Marriage Act, and for the Department of Justice's involvment in Project Gunrunner, which supplied small arms to Mexican drug cartels.  As a private attorney, Holder also worked for Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich and was an advisor to candidate Obama. 

Fritz Sauckel joined the Nazi party and became Gauleiter (regional governor) of Thuringia and later a member of the Reichstag.  He was also an officer in the SS and the Stormtroopers (SA).  In 1942, he was named General Plenipotentiary for Labor Deployment, meaning he was in charge of supplying slave laborers while working directly for Hitler.  After the war in 1946 he was hanged, although he claimed he had not exploited forced labor.

Eric Holder                                     Fritz Sauckel


Geithner is an international economist who served as Secretary of the Treasury for President Obama.  Previously, he was President of the New York Federal Reserve Bank.  Geithner spent most of his youth overseas, especially in Asia, and he obtained a degree in Asian studies.  His father was director of Asian programs for the Ford Foundation and Timothy continued that for the Ford Foundation and oversaw microfinance programs for Indonesia, where he met Obama's mother.  Other positions included work for the International Monetary Fund.  Geithner is Jewish.

Schmitt was the German Economic Minister under the Nazis from 1933 until 1934 when he was replaced because of his health.  He worked previously for a major insurance company and was credited with organizing the Weimar Republic's insurance industry.  Schmitt was an early supporter of the Nazis and through Hermann Goering, helped finance the party.  He was present at the February 1933 meeting of several German industrialists with Hitler in which they pledged financial support for his election campaign. Schmitt donated 10,000 Marks.

Timothy Geithner                 Kurt Schmitt


Blankfein is the current (as of July 2011) CEO of Goldman Sachs, an investment and securities bank with close ties to the Obama administration.  Goldman Sachs was one of the few banks that actually profited from the 2008 subprime mortgage collapse.  Despite its healthy position, the bank still received billions in Trouble Asset Relief Program money.  The Jewish Blankfein contributes to Democratic Party candidates and Goldman Sachs contributed more money than any other company to the Obama election campaign.  In 2010, the Securities and Exchange Commission sued Goldman Sachs for fraud.  The company was also accused of masking Greece's financial troubles.  Blankfein reportedly receives tens of millions of dollars in annual compensation.

Stresemann was a Chancellor of Germany during the Weimar Republic who died in 1929.  He won a Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to reconcile Germany and France.  He was pragmatic, so his political orientation seemed to shift over time.  He was nationalist, yet one of the first to favor European integration.  Stresemann solved the hyperinflation problem by introducing a new currency and the 1924 Dawes plan reorganized the Reichsbank and reduced reparations to the victorious allies.  He favored increased ties to the United States, where Germany obtained most of its food and raw materials.  After Hitler's Beer Hall Putsch of 1923, Stresemann alienated the Social Democratic Party by not dealing harshly with the perpetrators.

Gustav Stresemann             Lloyd Blankfein


Podesta, born in 1949, is another Democratic Party operative from Chicago.  He's an attorney who rose during the Clinton administration as the guy whose job it was to suppress scandals involving the president.  According to the account of some of the women who accused Bill Clinton of sexual molestation, threats were used to keep them quiet.  Podesta then became in charge of "Project Podesta", an effort to bypass the Democratic process by inventing ways for President Clinton to enact laws dictatorially using extra-Constitutional practices.  Podesta now heads the "Center for American Progress", a think tank that some say is the brains of the Democratic party.  Podesta isn't a member of the Obama administration, but he's a close advisor since his organization, the Center for American Progress is more or less the nerve center of the Democratic Party.  Moreover, he was Hillary Clinton's campaign manager for her 2016 run for president.  Podesta emails referencing alleged pedophile code words implicated him in the so-called Pizzagate scandal involving a possible Satanic pedophile network in Washington DC.   Podesta's home features artwork that appears to bear out the charges that he's a pedophile. 

Dirlewanger was an intelligent man with a PhD in political science and a record of reckless, even suicidal courage in battle.  He was wounded 12 times in battle since, despite being a general, he led from the front.  But Dirlewanger was also convicted a couple of times for molesting young girls, so he was expelled from the Nazi party and sent to Dachau concentration camp.  Aside from his taste in pedophilia, he was also known to be a sexual sadist.  He managed to be released through the efforts of a high ranking associate and was sent as a volunteer to fight in the Spanish Civil War.  When World War II started, Dirlewanger was put in charge of a brigade of hardened criminals, the dregs of German society, who were famous for mass murder, torture, rape, corruption and brigandage in Poland and Russia.  After Dirlewanger was captured by the French, he was beaten to death in 1945.

Aside from looking similar, both have a distinctive ear with a ridge just above the lobe.

 John Podesta            Dr. Oskar Dirlewanger


Jarrett, born in 1956, is a close friend of President Obama's and is one of his senior advisors.  She was actually born in Iran (Persia) where her father, a renowned physician, ran a hospital.  Her mother is an educator.  The family eventually went back to Chicago where her father was on the staff of the University of Chicago Medical School.  As a child, she spoke fluent French and Farsi (Persian).  Jarrett eventually obtained a law degree and worked for two of Chicago's mayors.  She also sat on the boards of numerous corporations and non-profits including the University of Chicago Hospital, and served as chairman or CEO of public agencies and corporations.  Jarrett was also a slum lord.

Dr. Morell was Hitler's personal physician until April 1945 when Hitler told him he was no longer needed.  Morell was educated as a physician in France.  He took a job as a cruise ship doctor until he bought a practice in Berlin where he married a wealthy actress.  He was offered a job as the Shah of Persia's personal physician but turned it down.  How he was connected to Persia, I'm not able to ascertain.  Perhaps he visited there on a cruise ship.  Eventually, he "cured" Hitler's personal photographer of a venereal disease and so was recommended to Hitler.  Morell gave Hitler dozens of pills and injections each day, including strychnine, cocaine and methamphetamine, and probably ruined the dictator's health and sanity.  Despite that, Hitler had the highest regard for him.  Others in Hitler's inner circle considered him a quack and he became rivals with Dr. Karl Brandt (possibly now Michelle Obama), who eventually replaced him.  He became morbidly obese and died of the consequences in 1945.

 Jarrett                                         Morell


Sunstein is President Obama's Information and Regulation Czar.  He's actually a professor of law at Harvard and a visiting law professor at the University of Chicago.  He was born in 1954 to a Jewish family in Massachusetts and attended Harvard.  Among his controversial views, most of which would be warmly welcomed by Nazis or Communists, he believes that federal law should not be interpreted by judges, but rather by the President of the United States or his underlings.  He thinks that there should be a second Bill of Rights that guarantees citizens a right to housing, education, employment and so forth.  Sunstein believes that there is too much freedom of speech on the internet and that it weakens democracy because people talk only to others with the same beliefs.  Therefore, people should be forced to consider opposing views.  To counter conspiracy theories and anti-goverment sentiment, he thinks that the government should secretly infiltrate the net and/or pay off independent bloggers to promulgate the government's views.  Claiming that ordinary people often make bad decisions, he says that public institutions and the government should "nudge" them into the correct view.  So Sunstein also wants to create "choice architects" who under "libertarian paternalism" would steer ordinary citizens into making the right choices.  He also wants to "reformulate" the First Amendment right to free speech to promote "diversity."  In general, he supports whatever executive powers the President cares to wield.  He's also favors animal rights.  Perhaps not so oddly, Sunstein is a strong proponent of the death penalty.

Another strong proponent of the death penalty, since he personally sentenced more than 5,000 people to death, was Nazi "People's Court" judge and State Secretary of the Ministry of Justice Roland Freisler.  He is the judge who sentenced the White Rose and the 20 July anti-Hitler resistance group plotters to death.  He conducted his court without regard to evidence for the defense and frequently made loud, violent rants against defendents.  Freisler was captured by the Soviets during World War I and became a communist while working as a commissar for them.  When he returned to Germany, he was a member of the northern socialist wing of the Nazi party.  He made his "People's Court" (despite there being no constitutional authority for it) into a place to judge and kill opponents of the Nazis.  He acted as his own judge, jury, prosecutor and even court reporter, making sure that even speech by children against the Nazis was subject to the death penalty.  Interestingly, the Nazis were strong proponents of animal rights.  He was killed by a bomb from an American air raid in 1945.

Freisler                              Sunstein



Originally from Alabama and born in 1971, Gibbs graduated from North Carolina State University with a degree in political science.  Gibbs specialized in being either a press secretary or communications director for Democratic Party senatorial candidates until he served as President Obama's press secretary.  He resigned in 2011 to serve as a consultant.  His job as press secretary was, of course, to portray the administration in the best possible light.

Dietrich obtained a PhD in political science before going to work for various newspapers and writing books.  He was also connected to the industrialists of the Ruhr Valley where he even served as an attorney for one concern.  When he became a committed Nazi, he served as Hitler's press secretary, spending a lot of time with his boss and becoming a confidante.  His job, as a rival with that of Goebbels and the Propaganda Ministry, was to make sure the German press portrayed the regime in the best possible light.  He was charged and convicted for war crimes and served seven years in prison where he wrote a book critical of the Nazis.  He died soon after being released in 1952.

Otto Dietrich            Robert Gibbs


Deval was born on the south side of Chicago in 1956.  His father deserted the family while he was young and consequently, his mother raised him while the family collected welfare.  He is, as of 2011, governor of Massachusetts.  Deval graduated from Harvard with a degree in English and American literature before going to work for the United Nations in Africa.  He then returned and got his law degree from Harvard and then worked in various civil rights or equal opportunity roles in public (President Clinton's Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department) and private corporations until running for office.  In 2008, candidate Obama was accused of plagarizing Deval's rhetoric for a campaign speech.

Mutschmann was the Nazi's governor of Saxony and was then appointed gauleiter (a regional Nazi party commander).  He obtained a degree in commerce and opened his own factory that went under during the Great Depression.  He came to the notice of the Nazi heirarchy for his fund raising ability for the party.  His passions were preserving the arts and crafts of Saxony and hunting.  He was convicted and hanged in 1947.

Mutschmann                      Deval


Dunn was White House Communications Director until she resigned.  Although information on her is difficult to find, it appears she was born in 1958 and hails from Chicago.  Her job as a member of Obama's inner circle was essentially as propaganda chief, that is, to control the news about the administration.   As she put it, she would hand out what the administration wanted reporters to know without having to answer any questions.  She was also responsible for repressing opposition news.  To that end, she attacked Fox News, claiming it's a branch of the Republican Party.  Dunn also generated controversy by giving a speech in which she said Mother Teresa and Chairman Mao were her favorite philosophers.  The quality of her speech was also criticized.

Max Amann was the man responsible for shutting down any opposition newspapers in the Third Reich.  He was also what could be termed a communications director who also ran the Nazi publishing house.  Amann was considered a poor debator and speaker.  He died in 1957 after serving a few years in prison for his Nazi activities.

Amann                                Dunn


Rathke, born in 1948, is famous as the founder of ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) and as the founder of a SEIU (Service Employees International Union) chapter in his home town of New Orleans.  He attended college in Massachusetts, where he organized draft resistence for the far left Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) and then welfare recipients for the National Welfare Rights Organization (NWRO). Rathke quit the domestic ACORN when it was found his brother Dale had embezzeled close to a million dollars from the organization.

Seyss-Inquart was born in Moravia, then part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Eventually his family moved to Vienna.  He became an attorney and a member of the Austrian government.  He was not initally a Nazi but fell in with the Austian branch when it appeared that Germany would annex the country.  Upon that annexation, he actually joined the German National Socialists and became Austria's prime minister.  He drew up the papers making Austria a province of Germany and then became its governor.  Seyss-Inquart then did a stint in Poland before being transferred to take charge of the Netherlands.  In that capacity, he administered the country and organized its Nazification.  He was also responsible for the murder of Jews and other victims, such as hostages.  For that, he was hanged in 1946 after converting to Catholicism.

Rathke                                      Seyss-Inquart


Eckart was one of the founding fathers of Nazism.  Initially studying law and medicine, he switched to being a poet and playwrite whose works were mainly autobiographical.  He was also interested in Hindu philosophy.  Eckart helped found the German Workers Party (DAP) and published a magazine that blamed Germany's troubles on Jews.  It was Eckart who came up with the idea of a genius super race and after Hitler joined the party, helped him transform the DAP into the National Socialist German Workers Party, NSDAP, or Nazi for short.  He even coined the term "Third Reich."  Eckart also came up with the idea of a German messiah figure and upon first hearing Hitler give a speech in 1919 decided he was the man Germany was waiting for.  So Eckart became Hitler's earliest and most important mentor, teaching him how to project himself and be an orator able to influence people.  Hitler called him his best friend.  Eckart also introduced Hitler to important benefactors who provided the party with funding.  Eckart, who participated in the 1923 Beer Hall Putsch died of a heart attack that same year.

Seven years later, in 1930, George Soros was born in Hungary to Jewish parents who downplayed their religion.  As a boy during the Nazi occupation of that country, he participated in rounding up Jews and the confiscating their property, an activity he says he has no regrets about.  He also called that period the best of his life.  Despite his Jewish background, Soros is said to be anti-Semitic and disdains Israel.  Soros studied philosophy in college but eventually became a billionaire hedge fund and currency manipulator famous for nearly destroying the British Pound and the economies of such countries as Maylaysia.  Extraordinarily egotistical, he thinks of himself as a messiah figure destined to change the world.  To that end, he has founded numerous left-wing organizations, financed revolutions in various countries, and in 1994 it is said that he bought the Democratic Party in the United States.  Soros became a close friend of the Clintons, especially Hillary, and Barack Obama showed up in Soros's office in 2006 to obtain funding to run for president.  Soros still has enormous influence over the Democratic Party and who leads it.

Eckart                            Soros


Angelika "Geli" Raubal was the daughter of Hitler's half-sister, Angela, making her his niece.  When she moved from Vienna to Munich, she met her uncle who fell in love with her.  He later said she was the only love he ever knew.  Raubal, who had enrolled in medical school, soon came to be dominated and controlled by her uncle, and when she had an affair with Hitler's chauffeur, he fired the man and largely confined Raubal to the apartment they shared. Allegedly, Raubal loved someone else who lived back in Vienna but was not allowed to see him.  One of Hitler's close associates, Ernst Hanfstaengl, called Raubal an "empty-headed little slut."   Eventually, Raubal, feeling like a prisoner in Hitler's apartment, shot herself the heart in 1931 at age 23.  Hitler was severely depressed after that.

Fluke majored in feminist, gender and sexuality studies at Cornell University.  She chose to go to Georgetown University law school because she noticed that the Jesuit university did not cover contraception in its student health insurance.  As a woman's sexuality activist, she was determined to change that.  Testifying before a House hearing, she claimed that contraception was too expensive, costing  some women $3000 per year.  Conservative radio talk host Rush Limbaugh then generated a storm of controversy by calling her a "slut." After that, President Obama called Fluke to offer her his support.  Fluke was also an intern at the Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking.

Given Raubal's history of being a sex slave, Fluke's obsession with sexual freedom may be understandable if she were Raubal reincarnated.  As it is, they look remarkably alike.

Raubal                        Fluke



Syrup studied engineering, law and political science, eventually becoming a bureaucrat having responsibilities in occupational health before being charge with integrating former soldiers into the economy after the First World War.  He then became Labor Minister. When the Nazis came to power, he headed the Labor Deployment Business Group before  having a nervous breakdown in 1941.  After a long recovery, he went to work part time.  He died in 1945.

Messina, from Idaho, was a political science major and went to work first for Senator Max Baucus of Montana and then a number of other politicians before joining Obama's election team in 2008.  He then became Obama's Deputy Chief of Staff where he was known as "the most powerful man you never heard of in Washington" and as Obama's "fixer."  His job was to be a party enforcer and was known for being vindictive.  He's now running Obama's 2012 re-election campaign.

SYRUP                                          MESSINA


Mussolini was, of course, the fascist dictator of Italy who was eventually captured by Italian partisans in April 1945 and executed. Starting out as a Catholic, he became a socialist and then invented fascism. Upon taking power, he created a police state and adopted an agressive foreign policy that included invading Libya, Albania and Ethiopia.  Allied with the Nazis during World War II, his army's failures in north Africa and Greece led to German intervention.  Mussolini was particularly interested in Arabs, both because of his overrunning Libya and also seeing restive Arabs in Palestine, then a British possession, as possible allies.  The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Hajj Amin al-Huseinni was rabidly anti-Semite and anti-British, so he  allied himself with the Nazis and even sent thousands of Arabs to fight for the German army.  Al-Huseinni had a personal meeting with Mussolini in 1941, during which he wanted Italy's recognition for a fascist state encompassing the entire Levant area, and in return he would help fight the British.  Mussolini agreed.

John Brennan, born in 1955, started out in various Catholic schools and while in college saw a recruiting advertisement for the CIA, so he thought that would be his career.  Brennan got his B.A. in political science and studied Arabic. He even went to the American University in Cairo.  His M.A. was in government with a minor in Middle Eastern Studies.  Brennan speaks Arabic fluently.  He followed that with a 25 year career at CIA, including being President Clinton's briefer and station chief in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Eventually, he became head of the Natioal Counter-Terrorism Center. 

Leaving government, he started a company, the Analysis Corporation (now Sotera Defense Solutions) that attained notoriety when one of his contract employees at the State Department was caught looking at then presidential candidate Barack Obama's passport records.  It's been alleged that the objective was to wipe the passport clean of certain overseas travel.  Others allege it was so Brennan could get something on each of the candidates since Hillary Clinton and John McCain's passport records were also examined.  Brennan wanted the job of CIA chief but Obama thought he would find difficulty being confirmed since he was associated with alleged CIA interrogation abuses, so he became Obama's chief advisor on counter-terrorism.  When Petraeus resigned as head of CIA, Obama nominated Brennan to replace him.  Critics claim that Brennan was responsible for delaying attempts to kill Bin Laden, that he was behind the Benghazi, Libya debacle and that he oversees the program where Obama picks people to kill, including American citizens, through drone strikes.  In other words, some critics paint Brennan as overly ambitious and without ethics.

Brennan and Mussolini look amazingly alike.  Notice the chin, nose, ears and eyes.  In these photos, Brennan is older than Mussolini.


Heiden was the third commander of the Schutzstaffel (SS), starting in in 1927.  As membership declined, he brought in a clerk, Heinrich Himmler, to help out.  Heiden was disgraced when it was discovered a Jewish tailor had fashioned his uniform and so he was dismissed.  Himmler took over the SS in 1929 and in 1933 had Heiden arrested and executed. 

Pelosi was born in 1940 as Nancy D'Alesandro, the daughter of Thomas, a Congressman and Mayor of Balitmore.  She is a Congresswoman from San Francisco and, as Speaker of the House, was the highest ranking political woman in U.S. history.  She's known for her leftist views and support of Obama, despite being one of the richest people in Congress, being worth $58 million.  She and Heiden do have a resemblance, but this case is not very convincing.

  Heiden                              Pelosi

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