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  Welcome!  I'm a retired intelligence  analyst  with 25  years at the Defense Intelligence Agency and two years at the National Counter-Terrorism Center.  Now I'm researching reincarnation.  To that end, I'm also a certified hypnotist with years of experience doing past-life regressions.   

   Are we destined to return in another body?  Reincarnation  is a commonly held belief around the world, and even the Bible has 
passages that some construe as supporting past lives.  But the most convincing evidence consists of:

- Young children who talk about their past life.

- Adults who have conscious memories of past lives. 

- Little known biographical or historical facts uncovered during regression hypnosis or dreams that are later verified by research.

- Strangers who separately recall under hypnosis being together during the same past-life scenario.

- People who assume, under hypnosis, the personality of a past-life character and speak in a foreign language they never knew (called xenoglossy).

- People undergoing a near-death experience who meet spirits of the deceased who say they will reincarnate.

   So why try to find out who you were in your past lives?

- Think of it as "soul genealogy."

-  Who you were helps determine who you are now.  Sometimes it explains the problems you have in life. 

- You may have a talent or skill from a previous incarnation that lies hidden and can be utilized now.

- Your present relationships can sometimes be understood by your having known those people in a previous life.

- Although rare, you might have been famous in a previous incarnation.

   If you remember having a past life, or heard your child talking about his or her previous existence, I'd like to hear your story.    Just contact me.

   This site includes lots of proposed current and past life matches for your consideration and, perhaps, amusement.   Bear in mind that none of the matches I propose are confirmed.  They're just conjecture based on appearances and commonalities.  In my own case, there is also the matter of synchronicities (meaningful, timely coincidences) as possible evidence. 

There is no scientific proof of reincarnation because verifying it is not amenable to the scientific method.  If reincarnation were subject to a legal standard, such as "preponderance of evidence", I believe it would win its case.  This isn't a court of law, however.

As an intelligence analyst, I was tasked to make estimates despite large gaps in the available intelligence and often bogus, especially human provided, information.  So what I've presented in this website is based on the standards of the intelligence community.  That is, a best guess.

- See 
My Case for an account of the search for my own past lives. (If you're a psychic who reads this and you have any impressions regarding the matches indicated, or have any other ideas, please let me know!)

- See 
Obama Circle for an account of why I believe that many Nazis reincarnated together as a group,  mostly in Chicago.

- See
 Other People for all other cases concerning everyone from historical figures to politicians to movie stars. 

   I've included a
Methodology section to help you figure out who you were for yourself.  Under the Hypnosis Facts section, you will discover that hypnosis is probably not what you think it is. 

   I also have an
Articles section where you can contribute your own story.  Just contact me.  I've also included a Sessions section to list some of the more interesting hypnosis sessions I've conducted.

   If you believe you were a historical figure in a past life, any details you relate under hypnosis might be verifiable.  Likewise, if you're a celebrity now, it could mean you were a celebrity in a past life.   In either case, I'd like to regress you under hypnosis for research purposes.  Just contact me.  

   This site was last updated on 26 June 2020.  ( Added Zeus to the "My Case" section.)

   If you find any links that aren't working, or wish to correct any errors on this site, please notify me.

  If you have any comments about this site, please contact me.

  This page and the Methodology page have photos of famous people, now deceased, who may or may not have reincarnated.  (The first photo on this page is of me from the late 70's.  As far as I can tell, I'm neither famous nor dead.)  I added them just for your viewing enjoyment. How many can you name?

  If you're interested in reading about people who believe they were notable personalities in a past-life, see the BOOKS section.


 You might also want to visit my other website, Wolkeworks, a depository of my other sense and nonsense.

                 Thomas Wolke


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