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These matches are, of course, conjecture.

If you're any of the following people, I'd like to know what you think about your possible past-life match. I'd especially like to hypnotize you into a past-life regression. Just
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As indicated in the Obama Circle section, I postulate that Obama and his associates are reincarnated Nazis.  I also believe that it's possible some Republicans are reincarnated founding fathers.  Of course, that too, is a matter of conjecture and some critics would say political bias.  However, if Obama and his associates are reincarnated Nazis, it may explain their program to turn America into a fascist nation.  On the other hand, if Republicans were once the founding fathers, it may explain their aversion to the Democrat's program and their desire to maintain the principles upon which this country was founded.

Herman Cain - Benjamin Franklin

As mentioned, Dr.Semkiw wrote a book in which he identifies various celebrities as the reincarnations of the founding fathers.  His choices may or may not be correct.  Almost all of his choices are self-help gurus, prominent Hollywood types, and all political liberals. He relies not only on their biographies and appearances, but also on confirmation by a disincarnate spirit named Ahtun Re, as channeled by Kevin Ryerson.  I also believe that some of our present politicians are reincarnated founding fathers, but I prefer other methods of validation.


Johnson is a self-made businessman (wealthy owner of a construction company), iron man triathelete and former governor of New Mexico.  He was known as "governor veto" because he vetoed more bills than the other 49 governors of the United States put together.  Johnson is libertarian, that is, a fiscal conservative who believes in small, efficient government and a social liberal who, for example, wants marijuana decriminalized.

Jackson was born in Scotland but came to America as a child.  He was raised by a family friend since his own parents had died.  The friend embued in young Jackson a martial spirit.  When the American Revolution broke out, teenaged Jackson joined the South Carolina militia and became an officer.  He engaged in several battles with distinction before eventually becoming a secretary to his friend John Laurens on General Washington's staff.  He was an efficient staff officer but was sent to France to procure supplies.  He overspent his budget, however, and was rebuked by Benjamin Franklin who wanted some of the money held in reserve.  (That episode may be the reason for Johnson's aversion to spending money.)  After the war, he tried his hand in business but decided to study law instead.  He served as the secretary to the Constitution convention and when Washington became president, Jackson continued to serve him as one of his personal secretaries.  In 1795, he married Elizabeth Willing, the sister of Ann Willing who married the richest man in America, William Bingham.  (The woman who was Ann Willing Bingham reincarnated in this life and sparked the search for my own past lives.)  Jackson became a wealthy man and leader of society after that.

Gary Johnson                          William Jackson


Cain graduated with a degree in mathematics and then obtained a masters in computer science.  He worked for the US Navy developing fire control systems and working ballistics before starting a career in business.  He was so successful in the restaurant business, that he eventually became CEO of Godfather's Pizza before becoming president of the National Restaurant Association.  Cain also authored several books on leadership and has a radio show where he offers his opinions on political matters.  Cain eventually dropped out of the race to be the Republican nominee for president after repeated charges of marital infidelity were made by assorted women who claimed affairs with him.

Franklin is, of course, one of the most famous and celebrated Americans ever.  He started out as a printer's assistant before starting his own businesses and became a successful entrepeneur.  Then he went into civic improvement, starting libraries, fire departments and civic sanitation.  After that, he became interested in inventing and science, coming up with the lightning rod and the Franklin stove.  Then Franklin went into politics and became an American representative in England and later in France where he was celebrated.  He is also noted for his aphorisms on self-improvement that appeared in Poor Richard's Almanac and for the political opinions he offered in the newspapers he ran.  Franklin was known for his many dalliances with women even though he was married.

Note how similar the shapes of their ears are and their eyes.

CAIN                                     FRANKLIN



Henry is best known for his "Give me liberty or give me death" speech.  Born in Hanover County, Virginia, he became a lawyer and a member of the colony's legislature.  After the Revolutionary War, he was twice governor of Virginia.  He was very republican and advocated states' rights, opposing the Constitution because it gathered too much power into the central government.  Henry was very outspoken and confrontational, as well as a very devout Christian who read the Bible continuously in his later years.  His first wife went insane and after she died, it was thought she was demon possessed, so she was denied a Christian burial.  Henry had seven children with her.  He had 11 children with his second wife.

Santorum was born in Virginia but raised in Pennsylvania.  He is a lawyer and was formerly a Representative and then Senator from that state.  He's very conservative politically.  Santorum is known as an outspoken and assertive person (his high school nickname was "rooster"), just as Henry was, and is also known for his very strong Catholic Christian beliefs.  He doesn't believe in the absolute separation of church and state.  He and his wife have seven living children.

HENRY                  SANTORUM

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