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These matches are, of course, conjecture.

If you're any of the following people, I'd like to know what you think about your possible past-life match. I'd especially like to hypnotize you into a past-life regression. Just
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As indicated in the Obama Circle section, I postulate that Obama and his associates are reincarnated Nazis.  I also believe that it's possible some Republicans are reincarnated founding fathers.  Of course, that too, is a matter of conjecture and some critics would say political bias.  However, if Obama and his associates are reincarnated Nazis, it may explain their program to turn America into a fascist nation.  On the other hand, if Republicans were once the founding fathers, it may explain their aversion to the Democrat's program and their desire to maintain the principles upon which this country was founded.

Chris Christie - Gunning Bedford Jr.
Chris Christie - Grover Cleveland
Sarah Palin - Tecumseh
Ron Paul - Elbridge Gerry
Newt Gingrich - David Ramsay
Mitt Romney - John Hancock
Tim Pawlenty - Edmund Randolph
Rick Perry - Sam Houston
Michelle Bachmann - Sam Adams
Jon Huntsman - John O'Donnell
Gary Johnson - William Jackson
Herman Cain - Benjamin Franklin

Rick Santorum - Patrick Henry
William Kristol - Alexander Hamilton
Fred Thompson - James W. Denver
Rick Santorum - Patrick Henry
John Boehner - Henry Clay

As mentioned, Dr.Semkiw wrote a book in which he identifies various celebrities as the reincarnations of the founding fathers.  His choices may or may not be correct.  Almost all of his choices are self-help gurus, prominent Hollywood types, and all political liberals. He relies not only on their biographies and appearances, but also on confirmation by a disincarnate spirit named Ahtun Re, as channeled by Kevin Ryerson.  I also believe that some of our present politicians are reincarnated founding fathers, but I prefer other methods of validation.


Chris Christie, a lawyer, is, as of 2011, the governor of New Jersey, where he was born, and a conservative Republican.  He graduated from the University of Delaware.  He's noted for being blunt, outspoken and taking on public employee unions, especially that of the teachers.  One of his highest priorities is to improve New Jersey's schools.  Christie is also noted for his rotund physique.

Gunning Bedford Jr., a lawyer, was an attorney general, assemblyman and eventually federal judge who was a resident of Delaware and a graduate of the College of New Jersey (Princeton) .  He represented Delaware in the Constitutional convention and signed the document.  He was famous as the champion of small states and wanted restraints on the power of the federal government, especially the executive branch. Believing the establishment of schools is a top priority, he worked for the improvement of education while in Wilmington.  

A colleague at the Constitutional convention described Bedford Jr. as a "bold" speaker, with "a very commanding and striking manner;" but "warm and impetuous in his temper and precipitate in his judgment."  He also called him "very corpulent".

Christie and Bedford Jr. had similar looks:

Chris Christie                              Gunning Bedford Jr.


Before Christie was governor, he was the US Attorney for the District of New Jersey and was noted for fighting corruption.  He won convictions in all of 130 of his cases against corrupt public officials.

Grover Cleveland, also born in New Jersey before moving to New York at a young age, was the only president to have two non-congruent terms in  office.  A pro-business Democrat, he was a classical liberal (modern libertarian) and strictly adhered to the Constitution.  As an assistant district attorney in Erie, mayor of Buffalo, and then governor of New York, he was famous for his honesty and integrity, as well as his fighting corruption and graft.  

Chris Christie                                     Grover Cleveland


Sarah Palin was formerly a governor of Alaska and Republican vice presidential candidate in 2008.  Presently, she tours and speaks on behalf of Republicans while raising money, a task for which her degree in communications and journalism must be helpful.  Palin is known for her outdoors lifestyle in Alaska, including hunting and fishing, as well as her support of conservative causes.  A former beauty queen, she's also known for her good looks.

Given Palin's devotion to the Constitution and limited government, I did a meditation to determine who Palin might have been during the Revolutionary War days and to my surprise, the words "American Indian" popped into my head.  I did a quick survey of possible candidates and found Tecumseh, the famous Shawnee chief.

Tecumseh, who was known for being very handsome, was also generous and humane to his enemies and an affable and affectionate friend.  Tecumseh was the first to travel around and try to unite all of the tribes west of the Ohio River to resist the encroachment of the American government and white settlers.  In his first battle against troops led by George Rogers Clark, he ran away in fear.  Ashamed, he vowed never to run again, and was known thereafter for his bravery.  Unfortunately for his cause, he was defeated and eventually killed in battle.

It's plausible that Palin's aversion to federal authority, her travels to organize opposition to the Democrats, her outdoor lifestyle and her living on the edge of wilderness reflect a previous lifetime as Tecumseh. 

There is a resemblance between Tecumseh (shown in the only portrait of him done during his lifetime) and Palin.  The painting of Tecumseh seems distorted in the facial features, but gives a general impression of his countenance.

Sarah Palin                                  Tecumseh


Republican congressman from Texas, Dr. Ron Paul, is a libertarian who is famous for his unique views, especially very strict adherence to the Constitution.  His views, especially on foreign policy, tend to aggravate members of his own party.  He started out as a physician before entering politics and still practices medicine on the side.  Originally from Pennsylvania, he was a flight surgeon in the US Air Force on active duty and later in the reserves.

Elbridge Gerry went to Harvard to study medicine before entering politics.  He was known at the Constitutional convention for disagreeing with any views other than his own and aggravating the members.  He refused to sign the document because it didn't have a Bill of Rights and he deemed it to be undemocratic, giving the executive too much power over the
legislative branch and creating a possibly oppressive judiciary.

Ron Paul                                Elbridge Gerry



Dr. David Ramsay was born in Pennsylvania and after becoming a physician, moved to Charleston, South Carolina.  Upon the outbreak of the American Revolution, he served as a surgeon for the South Carolina militia.  He also had an interest in politics and served in the Continental Congress and the South Carolina senate, of which he was a long serving president.

Ramsay is chiefly famous for his work as a major historian of the revolution and as an author, writing a biography of Washington, a history of South Carolina and a memoir about his wife. 

He was initially noted for encouraging active citizenship to create government and social reforms and improvements, but later warned against overzealous citizens and the need to preserve the status quo.

He was married three times, the last wife being the sister of Lt. Col. John Laurens.

Former congressman from Georgia Newt Gingrich eventually became Speaker of the House.  Like Ramsay, he is a historian, and was employed as a professor.  He is also the author of 23 books, some historical fiction and some others policy prescriptions.  As of 2011, he is a candidate for the Republican nomination to run for president.  Like Ramsay, he was born in Pennsylvania's Dauphin County, next door to Lancaster County where Ramsay was born.  And like Ramsay, he went
south, winding up in Georgia because his step-father was in the military.

Eerily reminiscent of Ramsay, Gingrich encouraged citizen activism back when he was Speaker and sought to reform if not revolutionize the government in conservative fashion.  As candidate in 2011, he shocked some conservatives by calling for maintaining the status quo because reforms would be too radical.  He went from being a fan of the citizen activist Tea Party to calling them the "militant wing" of the Republican party.

Gingrich has been married three times.

Newt Gingrich                  Dr. David Ramsay


Though born to a wealthy family in Michigan (his father was CEO of American Motors and governor of the state), Mitt Romney was a governor of Massachusetts.  He has a J.D. and an M.B.A. from Harvard, and was CEO of an investment and a management company.  A Mormon, he spent his missionary days in France. 

John Hancock was also governor of Massachusetts and a wealthy businessman who lived ostentatiously.  Like Romney, he graduated from Harvard.  In 1789, he made himself available to run for president.

Mitt Romney             John Hancock


Pawlenty is the very conservative governor of Minnesota.  An attorney, he previously served as majority leader in that state's House of Representatives.

Edmund Randolph, also an attorney, served as Gen. Washington's aide-de-camp during the Revolutionary War, but then went on to serve in the Continental Congress and the Constitutional Convention.  He was also mayor of Williamsburg and then governor of Virginia.  When Washington became president, Randolph served as his first Attorney General and his second Secretary of State (after Jefferson).

Tim Pawlenty                     Edmund Randolph


Rick Perry is the generally conservative governor of Texas.  The son of ranchers and a graduate of Texas A&M University where he was in the Corps of Cadets, he then became a pilot in the Air Force before quitting and returning to Texas to become a cotton farmer.  Entering politics, he first was elected to the Texas House of Representatives before going on to become agricultural commissioner, lieutenant governor and then governor.

Sam Houston was famous as a Major General in the Texas war for independence before serving twice as the president of the Texas Republic, then US senator for Texas after it was annexed by the United States, and then as governor of the state.  Originally born in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley, his family moved to eastern Tennessee.  Houston was adopted by the Cherokee tribe and learned their language.  He tried farming but was not successful.  Houston also fought in the American Revolution and the War of 1812 before becoming a congressman from Tennessee and then governor of that state.  As an officer in the state militia, he fought indians and was severely wounded.  He became close friends with his commanding officer, Andrew Jackson, and was a Democrat opposed to the creation of a central bank (the Federal Reserve we have today). As governor of Texas, he resigned rather than endorse succession from the Union at the start of the Civil War.

Interestingly, in his speech announcing the suspension of his 2012 presidential race, Perry cited his favorite governor, Sam Houston. 

Rick Perry                                  Sam Houston



Bachmann is one of the most conservative representatives in Congress and a proponent of restoring America's founding principles.  She's also quite conservative in her Christian religion.  A supporter of the Tea Party, she founded the Tea Party caucus in the House.  Interestingly, she started out as a tax attorney and worked for the IRS.

Adams, the second cousin of John Adams, was a rabble rousing revolutionary in favor of independence before the idea had been accepted.  As a member of Boston's Sons of Liberty, he participated in the original Tea Party.  Interestingly, like Bachmann, he worked for a while as a tax collector.

It's difficult to tell, given the limited images of Adams, whether he and Bachmann resemble each other.

Bachmann                                  Adams



Huntsman, son of a Mormon billionaire, was most recently the US Ambassador to China.  His ties to China probably started when he was a Mormon missionary in Taiwan and he is fluent in both Mandarin Chinese and the Taiwanese dialect.  He has also been governor of Utah, a Deputy Trade Representative who helped usher China into the World Trade Organization, Assistant Undersecretary of Commerce for East Asia, and involved with several think tanks regarding east Asian affairs.  He has a bachelor's degree in International Affairs.  Aside from his natural children, he has adopted children from India and China.

John O'Donnell was an Irish sailor who, as a youth, sailed to India.  In 1785, his ship entered Baltimore harbor with a load of merchandise from China, along with the first Chinese sailors to reach the eastern side of North America.  He became one of the richest Americans of his time through his trade with China.  His plantation on the east side of Baltimore was named Canton, after the Chinese province, and he was largely responsible for building up Baltimore's port infrastructure over a 20 year span.

Given the lack of a good likeness for O'Donnell, it's difficult to tell if he looked in any way like Huntsman.  But what is available suggests they had a resemblance.  Huntsman's wife, Mary Kaye, also somewhat resembles O'Donnell's wife.

Jon Huntsman                                    John O'Donnell



Kristol was born in New York City's Manhatten Island. He attended an academy there and eventually graduated from Harvard in three years with his A.B., magna cum laude.  He followed that up with a PhD from Harvard in government.  After teaching political philosophy at Pennsylvania University and the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard, Kristol went to work for politicians, initially working for Democrat Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, then serving as chief of staff to Republican Vice President Quayle.  He has also headed or served on the board of assorted think tanks.  Kristol is a neo-conservative and is quite hawkish in his foreign policy, supporting the invasion of Iraq, the 2006 war in Lebanon and lately, US intervention in Libya. 

Hamilton was born in the Caribbean and as a 'bastard' child made his way to the American colonies.  He spent most of his life in New York City.  A self-taught genius, he eventually became an aide to General Washington, but clamored for a field assignment.  Eventually, Washington put him in charge of some brigades of infantry which he valiantly led at Yorktown.  After the war, Hamilton was at the Constitutional Convention and afterwards wrote most of the Federalist Papers that helped in its ratification.  As president, Washington appointed him Secretary of the Treasury and in that position, Hamilton was instrumental in financially stabilizing the United States through the federal assumption of state debts and creating a central bank.  As a Federalist, Hamilton believed in a strong central government, stimulating the growth of industry, and close ties to Great Britain.  Hamilton, even as Treasury Secretary, yearned for military glory, and tried unsuccessfully to gain command of the troops who put down the Whiskey Rebellion.  A foreign policy hawk, he also clamored for war with France and fancied himself the commanding officer of America's forces.  Hamilton was eventually killed in a duel with Aaron Burr on July 12, 1804.  Perhaps more than anybody, Hamilton is responsible for the United States as we know it today.  

William Kristol                Alexander Hamilton



Johnson is a self-made businessman (wealthy owner of a construction company), iron man triathelete and former governor of New Mexico.  He was known as "governor veto" because he vetoed more bills than the other 49 governors of the United States put together.  Johnson is libertarian, that is, a fiscal conservative who believes in small, efficient government and a social liberal who, for example, wants marijuana decriminalized.

Jackson was born in Scotland but came to America as a child.  He was raised by a family friend since his own parents had died.  The friend embued in young Jackson a martial spirit.  When the American Revolution broke out, teenaged Jackson joined the South Carolina militia and became an officer.  He engaged in several battles with distinction before eventually becoming a secretary to his friend John Laurens on General Washington's staff.  He was an efficient staff officer but was sent to France to procure supplies.  He overspent his budget, however, and was rebuked by Benjamin Franklin who wanted some of the money held in reserve.  (That episode may be the reason for Johnson's aversion to spending money.)  After the war, he tried his hand in business but decided to study law instead.  He served as the secretary to the Constitution convention and when Washington became president, Jackson continued to serve him as one of his personal secretaries.  In 1795, he married Elizabeth Willing, the sister of Ann Willing who married the richest man in America, William Bingham.  (The woman who was Ann Willing Bingham reincarnated in this life and sparked the search for my own past lives.)  Jackson became a wealthy man and leader of society after that.

Gary Johnson                          William Jackson


Cain graduated with a degree in mathematics and then obtained a masters in computer science.  He worked for the US Navy developing fire control systems and working ballistics before starting a career in business.  He was so successful in the restaurant business, that he eventually became CEO of Godfather's Pizza before becoming president of the National Restaurant Association.  Cain also authored several books on leadership and has a radio show where he offers his opinions on political matters.  Cain eventually dropped out of the race to be the Republican nominee for president after repeated charges of marital infidelity were made by assorted women who claimed affairs with him.

Franklin is, of course, one of the most famous and celebrated Americans ever.  He started out as a printer's assistant before starting his own businesses and became a successful entrepeneur.  Then he went into civic improvement, starting libraries, fire departments and civic sanitation.  After that, he became interested in inventing and science, coming up with the lightning rod and the Franklin stove.  Then Franklin went into politics and became an American representative in England and later in France where he was celebrated.  He is also noted for his aphorisms on self-improvement that appeared in Poor Richard's Almanac and for the political opinions he offered in the newspapers he ran.  Franklin was known for his many dalliances with women even though he was married.

Note how similar the shapes of their ears are and their eyes.

CAIN                                     FRANKLIN



Denver, whom the city in Colorado is named after, was born in Winchester, Virginia, but his family moved to Ohio when he was young.  There he obtained his law degree and then moved to Missouri.  When the war with Mexico broke out, he volunteered and served as a captain under Winfield Scott.  After the war he settled in California where he was state attorney general before being elected to the state senate and then as a representative in the US House.  In 1857, he was appointed governor of the Kansas Territory.  (When Denver was founded in 1858, the city was named after the governor.)  During the Civil War, he was commissioned a brigadier general and served under Sherman at the seige of Corinth before being appointed in charge of all Federal troops in Kansas.  After the war he practiced law in Washington DC and back in Ohio.

Denver was also a noted actor, appearing in productions of Shakespeare's plays.

The late Fred Thompson (deceased in 2015) was born in Alabama but moved to Tennessee at an early age.  He obtained his law degree there.  Thompson worked as a US attorney before going to Washington to become a counsel for the Senate Watergate Committee.  After working as a lobbyist, he was elected as a Senator from Tennessee and eventually ran for president in 2008.

Thompson became an actor in 1985, and has appeared in many movies and television shows.

DENVER                   THOMPSON




Henry is best known for his "Give me liberty or give me death" speech.  Born in Hanover County, Virginia, he became a lawyer and a member of the colony's legislature.  After the Revolutionary War, he was twice governor of Virginia.  He was very republican and advocated states' rights, opposing the Constitution because it gathered too much power into the central government.  Henry was very outspoken and confrontational, as well as a very devout Christian who read the Bible continuously in his later years.  His first wife went insane and after she died, it was thought she was demon possessed, so she was denied a Christian burial.  Henry had seven children with her.  He had 11 children with his second wife.

Santorum was born in Virginia but raised in Pennsylvania.  He is a lawyer and was formerly a Representative and then Senator from that state.  He's very conservative politically.  Santorum is known as an outspoken and assertive person (his high school nickname was "rooster"), just as Henry was, and is also known for his very strong Catholic Christian beliefs.  He doesn't believe in the absolute separation of church and state.  He and his wife have seven living children.

HENRY                  SANTORUM


Clay is considered one of the top five best senators in U.S. history. He was from Lexington, Kentucky, and served five terms in the House of Representatives, including 10 years as Speaker of the House, before becoming a senator.  He ran for president three times but always lost.  He was the founder of the Whig party and was known as "the Great Compromiser" for his ability to hold the country together through such measures as the Missouri Compromise.  Clay was an excellent orator, quick witted, a charmer, and very sentimental, easily moved to tears.  He was also a hard drinker and loved to party night after night.  Most of all, he was the consumate politician, beloved by many.  Abraham Lincoln called him his "beau ideal of a great man."

Boehner is currently Speaker of the House and is known as a compromiser who is sentimental enough to be moved to frequent tears.  He's also noted as a hard drinker (used to work as a bar tender) and party animal with a quick wit and ability to charm.  Boehner was born just north of Cincinnati, Ohio, 93 miles from where Clay lived in Kentucky.

Clay and Boehner have a similar look, especially in the mouth and chin.


CLAY                                 BOEHNER



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